What is the echo? is a joke introduced in the video GirlsGoGames but I am a 25 year old man.

In the video, Kevin had to endure multiple ads that were not at all targeted to their intended audience before getting to play his chosen game. One of these was for the website of a newspaper based in Cork, Ireland called Echo Live, which always started with the phrase "What is the echo?" Kevin responded by telling the ad to tell him about it for 30 seconds, then told him to explain harder because he wasn't listening the first time when it played right after he just finished watching it the first time. Kevin's responses became more and more comedic because it kept replaying, to the point where he made usernames for the games based off the ad.

While this meme didn't get as much fame or attention, unlike Bore: Ragnarok and A BEAN!, some subscribers will occasionally put it in the comment section of Kevin's videos

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