Shepherd Voldemort, commonly referred to simply as Voldemort was a Priest that was close allies with Jim Pickett the I. Voldemort first appeared in Sims Medieval but making an heir was a bad idea.

After Kevin was given the option to create a new building, he built a church and then assigned Voldemort as the Priest. Voldemort spends most of his days looking up to the ceiling and waving his hands.

Appearance Edit

Much like his Harry Potter counterpart Voldermort lacks hair and is therefore bald. However, unlike his movie counterpart, he does have a nose. His eyes are black, but occasionally look fully blacked out.

Voldemort wears completely black robes that cover everywhere but his hands, neck and head. Around his neck, he wears a golden chain with a large gold pendant hanging off of it, with a red gem in the middle.

Overview Edit

As soon as Voldemort arrives in fecktopia he is made the Priest of the church. When Jim decides to visit Voldemort is asked to make him a member of the church, after casting a spell him so he can join the church. He then was immediately requested to organize Jim's divorce with Monica, as well as taking custody of Princess Mistake. Jim then renounced his faith to the Church making Voldemort think that Jim was being a little awkward. Voldemort then went back to praying.

In the next episode, Voldemort joins Jim back up with the church. He was requested to stop his religious babble by Jim, but he didn't stop.

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