Vladislaus Straud, also known as Count Vladislaus Straud IV or Vlad, is a pre-made vampire who resides in Forgotten Hollow, the world introduced in The Sims 4: Vampires.

He first appeared in the episode Sims 4 but vampires were a bad idea, where Jim went to Forgotten Hollow and seduced Vlad into turning him into a vampire, but when Jim saw Vlad's dark form he proceeded to light him on fire with The Book of Chaos only for him to return later and become part of Jim and the Jimetts in the episode Sims 4 but i make a dysfunctional band.

Vladislaus married Grimey Pickens in the episode Sims 4 but I make a cult, but was killed with Jim's magic moments later in the same episode.

He came back again and joined up with Jim's band, and was later captured by Jim in strangerville, where he was forced to turn into a child again. Later on, he was dumped on someone else, as most of the children in Jim's households are.

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