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EDIT January, 4th, 2020: concentrate on what's in bold characters

Hi everyone!
Here's a list of the main things I think would be awesome to do in order to make this wiki better.
It's a kind of long list so it's not like everything is going to be made one one day. We all should participate to complete it!

If you ever disagree with some of these points, just let me know, either here in the comments or on my personnal page (just click my name), if you write your disagreement nicely and with good arguments we can obviously discuss them.

This list is going to be updated from time to time, so check it some time, when you feel bored (Ragnarok).
So, here's the list :

  • Reduce the number of Infoboxes. Indeed, it looks like almost every character has its own personnal infobox. That's a no. There should be less of these. Template:Grim or Template:Character Template 1 seem to be the best, and should replace all of the others (or almost). Template:Mii is interesting too for Mii characters (obviously), but maybe too much for its use (like, two characters at the moment).
  • Rework some articles, such as Jim Pickens Timeline: the things that have to be done are mainly to make it more beautiful and practical, but also update it.
  • Add the Pickens family tree, if the maker is ok to share it here. It would be awesome if the portraits were clickable and redirect to the character shown.
  • Rework The echo, Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash (cf. Articles to rewrite).
  • Make Kevin and Jim Pickens more serious, more accurate (cf. same blog post than above)
  • Make the Main page better, with pics and stuff.
  • Create some useful categories and delete the most useless ones. Reorganise the Character categories, it's kind of a mess.
  • Include some tool that refreshes the number of subscribers automatically on the Main page.
  • Links to Reddit and Discord on the Main page.
  • Correct spelling mistakes.
  • Delete spam comments and spam articles.
  • Make a nice favicon. I was thinking of adapting CMK channel logo or the emoji with his head from Discord maybe?
  • Check the pertinence of Paul (Minecraft) given Paul Pickens (cf. Paul).
  • See if Rocky is 1) a nice page that does not need change 2)something from Kevin's lore and not spam.
  • Create and develop some pages, with content or pictures (cf. Pages that need to be created or reworked).
  • Add pictures from each game for Jim Picone (as a gallery, just as in the Expiriment Pickens page for example.
  • Delete the category « Sims Character » on every Sims page. Put the category « The Sims » instead.
  • Find the true dates for the first appearances in the Overview section of Jim Pickens

If you see a mistake somewhere that needs to be corrected, or something you cannot do like deleting a spam page or whatever, don't hesitate to leave me a message!