Hey there! First, huge thanks to two users, AshGaming28 and TheFive8th, your work is generally awesome. Obviously, (almost) all the other do amazing stuff, but those two ones seem to, like, do lots of things here, write well, make nice pages, etc.

Anyway, that's not the purpose of this blog post. Indeed, it's just something to take your opinion on a topic: reworking The echo, Johnny Cash and Ring of Fire. So, my first thought was "do we keep them that way, as some users in the comments like them, or do we change them to something more serious?" I have the same question for Kevin and Jim Pickens, who are huge pages here. But I mean, let's see Kevin's infobox for example. I personnally want serious things here. We still can share soup beans and fun stuff, even make some jokes, but it's still supposed to make some sense and be a good guide for newcomers. That was my first tought.

Then TheFive8th warned me about his changes and renaming of What is the echo?. I obviously LOVE this change. But what about you, dear users? Do you like it that way?

Regarding Johnny Cash and Ring of Fire, I don't like these pages. The first one seem useless and redundant with the second one, the second one is... well... is. I think it could be better to explain where this joke comes from, and how Kevin covered it. Again, what do you think of this?

If I have no news from you, no opinion, I will change them. In that case, you could still be able to check for the old versions in the History of each page.

In order to end this blog post, I wish you all to be visited by Our Dear Leader soon, but please don't touch the pufferfish ok?

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