• Pijacquet

    Hi everyone! As you may have seen, I recently added a new gallery on the home page, featuring 3 articles: Kevin Life Tips, Grognak, and Baking Bad. As you may get by comparison with the previous one, there is room for another article to be featured here. Also, the first box features Bore: Ragnarok. Unfortunately, this article is too small, so it should be either completed or replaced.

    The featured articles should match these criterias:

    • be a popular/important thing on the channel
    • be long enough
    • be a quality article

    What are your suggestions? A Tomodachi Life/Miitopia page would be awesome. Default seems pretty popular right now but unfortunately her page is ridiculously small. Minecraft ones are of nice quality, but the series is not as popular …

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  • Pijacquet

    Hi everyone!

    The page Kevin Life Tips has just been featured in the latest video, Miitopia is the perfect gaming experience. It can be seen near 1:22.

    So, thanks for everyone editing this list with me. Even if some mistakes are seen sometimes, the page is really good and we should all continue to complete it.

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  • Pijacquet

    Hey there friends! As you may have seen, the page Kevin has just been featured in the The most cursed rhythm game ever video! It is possible to see the wiki, with all the new colours etc (the last time is has been featured, the basic green background was there), near 3:34. So, in order to respect Kevin's joke on it, his picture will be changed to fit his disguise from the video. Anyway, after some time (at least one month), feel free to revert it to a more "normal" one. See you soon!

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  • Pijacquet

    Bitlife pages

    January 8, 2020 by Pijacquet
    Hey everyone!
    I would like your opinion on the subject of Bitlife characters.
    Do you think it's better to create one page per character or put all of them on one page?
    There are two pages about Bitlife characters for the moment : BitLife (Characters) and Kevin notme .

    So, what do you think? Should every Bitlife characters, including pets, have their onw pages (and as a consequence, appear in a brand new "Bitlife" category), or should everyone appear on a single long page?

    Please, argue in the comments of this blog post.

    I think that given the fact that every character has a very short story, eveyone should be on only one page. A good alternative would be putting main pages with sections. For example, a page about Light Bulb would containt every …

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  • Pijacquet


    January 4, 2020 by Pijacquet

    Hi everyone! First of all, it's a little bit late but I wish you all a happy new year!

    I make this blog post to ask you for something. As I do not have the skills to do so, I think some of you may be able to make a nice logo for the wiki. My idea would be some kind of thing similar to the but with the letters CMK and Wiki below or something.

    If you want try whatever you want, you can add a picture in the comments. There are just some rules to respect:

    • Respect the colours used on the wiki
    • Obviously, respect Kevin's universe
    • Make it simple, not a complicated mess
    • The logo must be a PNG file, maximum 250x65 pixels
    • Post your creation under this blog post as a comment and post an imgur link with your creation. Don't add a file on the wiki!


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