Urp John, nicknamed "The Forearm God", was the original main character of Kevin's Sims 4 Let's Play series. He was famous for being obsessed with creating life, having approximately seven children in just three months. He later died peacefully of old age.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Urp is a man famous for his forearms, which did not match the rest of his arm in length. He was a skinny guy (except for those NICE forearms) and had brown slicked back hair and a goatee. He has very unbroad shoulders.

City Living[edit | edit source]

Urp John moved into San Muyshuno and resided at 1310 Chic Street, which came with the lot trait of "lively neighbors". Upon moving in, Urp met his neighbor, Penny Pizzazz, and immediately began flirting with her. Urp loved to flex in front of Penny, because he is, of course, the forearm god.

Penny and Urp loved to talk about music, but Penny hated talking about flies. Penny clearly had low standards, since she immediately felt a connection with Urp.

A while later, Miko Ojo knocked at Urp's door and he was immediately smitten with her. Akira Kibo also came along with Miko, even though he was sad. Urp didn't care and demanded that Akira get out of the way so he could talk to the ladies.

Penny and Urp then WooHooed for the first time, after which Urp immediately went back to Miko. Upon seeing Urp flirting with Miko, Penny became very sad. That night, Penny caused quite a raucous in her apartment. She then left her party to cry in a spare bed in Urp's residence.

Urp began a quest to cheer her up and they ended the night after a steamy romantic interaction.

The next day, Urp found a job in the Social Media career. To celebrate his employment, he and Penny WooHooed and then he blasted his forearms to her after. He then asked her to be his girlfriend and she accepted. He then went home to his apartment with Miko.

Tomodachi Life[edit | edit source]

In the My Tomodachi Life cinematic universe is insane video, Urp appeared as a Mii character, thanks to a lot of sollicitations on the official CallMeKevin subreddit. He has the Dreamer trait.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A character called Urp John (who shared a likeness with this Urp John) appeared working as a spy in the Sims Medieval but I must stop a war video, however, his relation with the Urp of this century is unknown.
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