Turg, from the Sims 4 series, has the mission to repopulate the area both Jim Pickens and him live in. In order to do that, he procreates with a lot of women so that they give birth to beautiful turgish offsprings.

Turg's children origins Edit

In Sims 4 but I put the neighborhood into lockdown in one house, Turg impregnates many women, that give birth to 12 babies. One of them even gets triplets.

The family name of all these children is Turg. Their name is the number following the order they got birthed. In other terms, there is 1 Turg, 2 Turg, 3 Turg, etc, to 12 Turg.

1 TurgEdit

1 is Maaike Haas' son. His story ends in the second video he appears in, as he gets whisked away for safety.

2 TurgEdit

current status sad

3 TurgEdit

4 TurgEdit

5 TurgEdit

6 TurgEdit

7 TurgEdit

8 TurgEdit

9 TurgEdit

10 TurgEdit

11 TurgEdit

12 TurgEdit

death Edit

in Sims 4 but Eco lifestyle was a bad idea Jim nuked the town presumably killing everyone except for him,including the 12 Turg children
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