The Tomodachi Life series is one of Kevin's many series.It’s like glee but better.

Setting Edit

The series takes place in an alternate but canon universe, on an island named Great Name Island (great name for an Island I know...)

Episodes Edit

1) Tomodachi Life is both the weirdest and best game ever (18 May 2020)

2) Tomodachi Life is a wild fever dream (25 May 2020)

3) Tomodachi Life made me have an existential crisis (9 June 2020)

4) tomodachi life (25 June 2020)

5) Tomodachi life is completely cursed (15 July 2020)

6) My Tomodachi Life cinematic universe is insane (3 August 2020)

Characters (in order of their addition) Edit

Reception Edit

The series was praised by Kevin's fanbase, with some even calling it their favourite series on the channel.

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