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Tommy Wiseau is a one-time character in UFC 3 but I can’t fight . Wiseau is a professional UFC fighter and has competed in many fights, usually ending with a knocked out Wiseau. Wiseau's place of residence is Las Vegas, NY, USA. His height is 185cm and he weighs approx. 70kg. Wiseau had fought 5 matches, losing them all.

Formerly Thomas Edit

Later in Wiseau's career, he decided to change his name and persue a professional UFC career. His apperance changes quite a lot during the transition, as he was beaten badly in all of his earlier fights. Though he lost his first two fights due to lack of training, Thomas won his 3rd fight in a miraculous battle. What's most incredible is that Thomas won the fight whilst being severely injured from overdose of protein shakes. Thomas decided to retire after this match, exiting while he's "at his peak".

Fight Info Edit

First Name - Tommy

Last Name - Wiseau

Nickname - Big Daddy

Social Media Handle - @potus

Hometown - Las Vegas, NY, USA

Age - 25

Weight Class - Lightweight

Weight - 70kg

Height - 185cm

STRK - 69%

GRPL - 59%

STAM - 65%

HLTH - 68%

Fight History Edit

Competitors Winner W-L Ratio
Wiseau vs. McGregor McGregor 0-1
Wiseau vs. Gaethje Gaethje 0-2
Wiseau vs. Nurmagomedov Nurmagomedov 0-3
Wiseau vs. McGregor McGregor 0-4
Wiseau vs. Karezza Karezza 0-5
Wiseau vs. Cooper Cooper 0-6
Wiseau vs. De Vries De Vries 0-7
Wiseau vs. Cole Wiseau 1-7
Screenshot 20190414-090721 YouTube

Formerly Thomas

Personality Edit

Wiseau is always determined to try his hardest in every fight he competes in. However, his lack of dedication for his chosen profession is Wiseau’s most popular trait. He is ignorant and always believes he can triumph even when he’s down. Wiseau is unaware about many of the situations he crawls his way into and ignores common sense.

Quotes Edit

"I don't want to be one of those fighters who keeps going 'til they're bad, I want to go out on my peak. Time to retire"

"You cheated by being better"

”What’s happened to me!?”


Tommy Wiseau facing off against Conor McGregor

Trivia Edit

  • Tommy is from Las Vegas, New York, USA.
  • Tommy fought for Russia at the beginning of his career. However, he changed to USA during his professional transition.
  • Some fighters Wiseau faced include Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje.
  • Wiseau has many nicknames including "Big Daddy", "Jumbo" and "POTUS"
  • Wiseau's training method includes one protein shake a week. This method eventually got him injured.
  • Wiseau‘s walkout music is ‘300 Violin Orchestra‘ by Jorge Quintero
  • Wiseau has a tattoo on each nipple.
  • Wiseau got a "SUB" tattoo on his back to persuade viewers to subscribe to CallMeKevin.
  • Wiseau's only win was against Ben Cole via knockout.

Episode Appearance Edit

UFC 3 but I can’t fight - Tommy makes his debut and retirement in this video. He experiences a few ups, many downs and eventually turns professional.

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