|<This page is about Jim Pickens' son from The Sims 4. For the one-time character in Bustin' Out, see Tim Pickens (The Sims: Bustin' Out).>

Timothy Pickens is the oldest known son of Jim Pickens, who lived alongside him as early as Jim Picken's debut episode, as well as his younger brother, Beejay Pickens. Tim had an interest in space travel, often being forced to go into space by his father as punishment. A result of Tim's constant space travel resulted in aliens abducting him and impregnating him with an alien baby. Tim was forced to move out when Jim discovered this, and Tim decided to name the baby Kendrick. It's likely Tim had died of old age, making him one of the few sims who didn't face Jim's wrath.

Appearance Edit

Tim was a bald adult man with black eyebrows. His everyday outfit consisted of a gray vest with a white shirt similar to his father's and grey briefs. He had a tattoo on his left arm.


Tim's tattoo.

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