Thorne Bailey was a former lover of Jim Pickens, and the widowered husband of Octavia Moon. His life came to shambles as soon as he met Jim Pickens in his irresistible bear costume.

Death Edit

Killed by

After the death of his wife, Octavia Moon, he had fallen into a serious depression, and worse; Jim Pickens had realized mooching off of him with his measly Serious Musician occupation would be insufficient, so Jim had decided to just be friends with Thorne. The drop that spilled the glass was when Jim adopted large sums of children for Thorne to care for, and moved out, returning the son whom he had traded himself for. With his returned son, Orange, along with adopted toddler, Barry Reject, and adopted kids, Gonzalo, Robert, Ann, and Darion Reject, Thorne was so distressed that he committed suicide.

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