A series of videos centered on the game "The Movies". Jim Pickens stars in every movie, and the film studios used are named "Picken's Productions" and "Picken's Productions v2"

The Movies but I can't make a good movieEdit

First video, Features "Kill Joy " Can be seen here[1]

The Movies but we just make bad moviesEdit

Second video, Features "Kill Joy 2" Can be seen here[2]

The Movies but my movie doesn't make senseEdit

Third video, Features "Kill Joy 3" Can be seen here[3]

The Movies but we make a horrible buddy cop filmEdit

Fourth video, Features "The Pickens Police" Can be seen here[4]

The Movies but we make a horrible western filmEdit

Fifth video, Features "Red Dead Re:Demption" Can be seen here[5]

The Movies but we make a horrible reboot film Edit

Sixth video, Kevin reboots the"Kill Joy"franchise

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