The Cult (also known as Jim's Cult Club) is an ever-changing group of people kidnapped by the Dear Leader, Jim Pickens. Most of the time the purpose of the Cult is to make money for Jim via painting, but it can shift to other things, such as taking care of Jim's children, cleaning his house, making content for his YouTube channel, etc.

Current MembersEdit

  • Arun Bheeda
  • Jesminder Bheeda
  • Akshara Srinivasan
  • AU Jim Pickens
  • Murpi Hasegawa
  • Pearl Pizzaz
  • Human Racket
  • Dennis Racket
  • Ayaan Kumar
  • Youssef Ferhat
  • Grimey Pickens
  • Izumi Ishikawa
  • Emma Racket
  • Vladislaus Straud
  • Houda Mansouri
  • Louis Cooper
  • Elsa Bjergsen
  • Jairo Coulter
  • Clement Frost
  • Ryland Oakley
  • Genji Tanaka
  • Seema Raghavan
  • Luna Villareal
  • Valentino Nuñez

Former MembersEdit

Underground Facilities Edit

Most members of the Cult live in seclusion in underground facilities. Throughout the series there have been several of these, some of which are:

  • Containment Pods underneath Sandtrap Flat.
  • Renovated Test Chambers underneath Sandtrap Flat.
  • Dungeons underneath Tail's End.
  • Dungeons underneath Jim Picken's House.
  • Content Creator Pods underneath Clementine Mansion


  • There is also a Discord server called the Great Dear Leader Jim Pickens' Cult on the famous chat software Discord (, which you can join now and help us find more members ready to crusade in the name of Pickenism!

Gallery Edit

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