TAN MAN and Steve are Kevin's wrestlers from WWE 2K20. They both appeared in three videos: WWE 2K20 is a hilarious train wreck, What the hell is wrong with this game... and This game should never have been made.

TAN MAN[edit | edit source]

Steve Steve "Steve" Steve, or TAN MAN, is the first character Kevin made in the game.

His name comes from the fact that he's as Irish and pale as Kevin. Indeed, his skin is immaculate white. He has a red beard that can be easily mistaken for blood. He must not be mistaken with his girlfriend, Pretty boy, as her wrestler name is Steve, but not her real name.

As a piece of trivia, let's mention that his head appeared at the beginning of the This is what happens when the Hitman is a maniac video when Kevin introduces himself.

Steve[edit | edit source]

Pretty boy Pretty boy "Pretty boy" Pretty boy, or Steve for short, is the second character Kevin made. She happens to have her skin and hair that are both red. According to Kevin, she got her skin red and hair by liking TAN MAN, which gave her a sunburn.

In-game odd nickname: "Red"[edit | edit source]

Oddly enough, and without Kevin's intervention, she's nicknamed "Red" in the game, and jokes are even made out of this nickname. For example, she reminds her boyfriend, TAN MAN, about that event in high school when another student sprayed ketchup all over her face and claimed that now the skin matches her nickname, which actually already happened.

Kevin jokes that calling her by her skin colour could be interpreted as a racist comment

Links between both characters[edit | edit source]

Sea monster[edit | edit source]

TAN MAN's white hair gets crazy due to some bug. If that happens to his girlfriend, Steve, this looks to be more often visible with TAN MAN. Kevin compared their hair to "sea monsters".

Clothes and skin[edit | edit source]

As Kevin states, "Now [TAN MAN's] beard matches her [skin], and her clothes matches him. Indeed, TAN MAN's beard is as red as Steve's skin and hair, and her clothes are as white as TAN MAN's skin.

O'Yin and O'Yang[edit | edit source]

According to Kevin, they match each other perfectly, just as the Yin and the Yang. Anyway, as they both (plus Kevin) are Irish, it's more likely they are O'Yin and O'Yang.

Are they related?[edit | edit source]

TAN MAN and Steve are dating each other, but Kevin supposes that they are related. Some hints can be found in the previous sections.

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