Sir Grognak (Also known as Grognak The Destroyer) was a knight in the kingdom of Fecktopia and a possible ancestor of Grognak the Destroyer Attorney At Law.

Overview Edit

Despite what the name suggests,Sir Grognak was actually a female. They are probably an ancestor to Grognak The Destroyer Attorney At Law,but it hasn't been confirmed.

Serving under the orders of Jim Pickett Edit

In the Middle Ages,Sir Grognak was known to be a knight in the kingdom of Fecktopia.

Grognak had gotten engaged to a frog queen but the wedding is cancelled twice because she is sleep-deprived. Not long after, Grognak and the frog queen got married.

We learn Grognak's parents have been eaten by a whale.

Grognak had found someone's eyebrows and returned them to their owner.

Grognak vanquished some goblins that had been threatening the kingdom and fed the townspeople with goblin giblets.

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