The Sims 4 With Jim Pickens is a free-to-watch web series on YouTuber CallMeKevin's channel. The series originally followed a short storyline of a character called "URP THE FOREARM GOD" before Kevin created his masterpiece named Jim Pickens. Throughout the still-in-production series, Jim Pickens goes through many different family tree arrangements and is considered a straight up mad man by everyone else in his Sim world. He creates several clubs, including the infamous "Jim's Cult" where everyone involved wear white robes and kill people. Jim Pickens also finds himself locking other sims in places where they cease to escape. The series also includes other beloved characters such as Shrek, First Name Pickens, Second One Pickens, Grim, Grim Reaper, Beejay, and many more.

This series is recommended for people over 13, as there is some course language and conflicting scenes of gore, and torture.

Season 1:

  1. The Forearm God
  2. Crazy Babies
  3. A Series of Insane Events
  4. The Ultimate Homewrecker
  5. Everything Goes Wrong
  6. That Weird Neighbour
  7. The Sims Chambers
  8. Sims 1 in 2017
  9. The Book of Chaos
  10. The Odd Child
  11. The Sim Cult
  12. Sims Murder House
  13. I need more slaves in the basement
  14. There are too many victims haunting me
  15. I am an Outcast
  16. The Grim Reaper moved in next door
  17. I am an imposter
  18. The Grim Wedding
  19. I steal Christmas
  20. It's 2018
  21. Pets were a bad idea
  22. I need a new hostage
  23. The jungle was a bad idea

Season 2

  1. The island is insane
  2. Making me king was a bad idea
  3. The dungeon was a great idea
  4. My kingdom is a bad idea
  5. Vampires were a bad idea
  6. Making an heir was a bad idea
  7. I make a cult
  8. Opening a restaurant was a bad idea
  9. I must stop a war
  10. I am a terrible parent
  11. My restaurant is to die for
  12. Becoming a cop was a bad idea
  13. I should never have a job
  14. Seasons was a GREAT idea
  15. Winter is very deadly
  16. I go on a deadly vacation
  17. I deal with Santa Claus
  18. I should never have bust out
  19. I open a restaraunt/graveyard
  20. I have a great money making scheme
  21. I open a terrible store
  22. I start a dysfunctional band
  23. My family is insane

Season 3:

  1. Everything goes wrong
  2. Countless sims die
  3. I have mole people living in the walls
  4. I have the weirdest family ever
  5. First person was a bad idea
  6. I become a horrible content creator
  7. I completely ruin so many lives
  8. I lock prisoners in the basement to make my videos
  9. I open a bar that doesn't allow people to leave
  10. I drastically improve my k/d
  11. I open a prison
  12. I never leave my mom's house
  13. It's a battle royale
  14. I have a horrible life
  15. I lock everyone in my restaurant
  16. Strangerville was a bad idea
  17. It's on PS2
  18. I poison Strangerville
  19. I discover the mystery of Strangerville
  20. Tragedy Strikes
  21. Jim Pickens is dead
  22. Shrek impregnates the neighbourhood
  23. I ruin the future

Season 4

  1. I destroy the timeline
  2. I am the worst person ever
  3. Becoming a mermaid was a bad idea
  4. A drug mod was a bad idea
  5. I smuggle drugs over the border
  6. I start a street gang
  7. Everything just got a lot darker
  8. It's the zombie apocalypse
  9. Reacting to Sims memes
  10. I open a zombie restaurant
  11. I make two Santas fight to the death
  12. Magic was a bad idea
  13. I abuse my magic
  14. Making my sim royalty was a bad idea
  15. Going to university was a bad idea
  16. I have a deadly university party
  17. I force students to rent my shack
  18. Everyone is pregnant
  19. I force 24 sims to live in a tiny home
  20. I turn my tiny home into a tiny graveyard
  21. I bring my cursed child back to life
  22. My Sims is an extremely cursed sims game
  23. I kidnap sims to lock in my vault

Season 5

  1. I force sims into quarantine
  2. I repopulate the world in the worst way
  3. I put the neighborhood into lockdown in one house
  4. Quarantine means no socializing but we still have Sims Online
  5. Sims Online is not a good replacement for normal socializing
  6. I breed the worst sims ever
  7. Eco Lifestyle was a bad idea
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