Sim is Kevin's character from his My Sims Let's Play.

He lives in a town called Feck.

Appearance Edit

He kind of looks like Jim Pickens thanks to his beautiful haircut. He's a blond guy with a weird look: indeed, Kevin remarks that his eyes are too much far away from one another, which makes him menacing. He wears some kind of skirt with butterflies on it.

Activities Edit

His main activities are getting "Mean Points" from his neighbour Patrick or building buildings that the Mayor asked him to create (and she watches him building them all the time). He's the Neighbourhood Watch as, thanks to the numerous windows on his house, he is able to watch all of his neighbours. He seems to practice some sort of weird fishing method consisting in catching fish bare hands while in the water. Kevin notices his incredible strengh allowing him to stomp every tree trunk. He loves apples.

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