Shrek The Ogre (real name: Owen Read) is a character in Sims 4. His traits are self-assured, serial killer, lazy, bro, gregarious and autonomous killing.


Shrek joined Jim's family when he went to Jim's prison house thinking it was a bed and breakfast and got trapped there, where Jim made them battle to the death. Shrek came out on top and was rewarded with getting to live. Shrek joined Jim's superhero team to help stop the mother plant and fell in love with Donkey, another member of the team. Shrek had an entire swamp room dedicated to him in Jim's house in Strangerville, and also an impregnation room for impregnating the neighbourhood. He has also joined the military.

Possible Death Edit

In The Sims 4 but the eco lifestyle pack was a bad idea, Shrek, along with the other friends of Jim, are killed by Jim's bomb.

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