"Why couldn't they have taken you instead of Paul..."

Shit is Kevin's second horse. He is white and has golden horse armor found by Kevin.

Kevin found Shit in the video "Minecraft but it's a very dangerous world." Shit was rapidly spinning around near his old cobblestone house, which confused Kevin because he thought it was Beyblade, his other horse who is well known for spinning rapidly. While Kevin was moving his stuff to his new ocean view house, he decided to tame Shit to stop him from spinning. It was during this time that Shit showed some suicidal tendencies, because he kept trying to walk into Kevin's lava pit, where he was throwing all his unneeded junk from his chests and inventory. He also tried to take fall damage by walking into a cave, but Kevin stopped him.

In a later episode when Kevin decided to explore the world a bit more, Shit was taken instead of Beyblade because Kevin cared more about Beyblade. Shit also has a tendency of disappearing, forcing Kevin to reconnect to his server constantly. Shit showed Kevin the way back to his house and met Beyblade. Shit was left, as they need some time apart, and Beyblade was taken. When, they got home Shit witnessed Chad, the new visitor and was pushed around by him. Shit was taken on a short, cancelled adventure the next episode and was safely taken home. Shit was taken on another adventure, he 'helped' Kevin kill a bunch of pillagers and witnessed him burn down their base, he was then taken to Paul's village and was left without a leash.. The next episode he went on another adventure to see the pillagers' base destroyed and Kevin randomly decided to leave him there with the pillagers to go and mine something in a ravine. He was safe though as he went back to the village by himself. He came back the next episode on a adventurous journey again and stayed at the house with his strange accompanies.

Personality Edit

Shit is quite a calm horse. He takes all the things that Kevin does to him in good jest, such as naming him 'Shit', having zero trust in leaving him alone because of his earlier suicidal tendencies, blaming him for a lot of stuff going wrong, and trapping him in a cobblestone box multiple times to stop him from killing himself or disappearing. Despite this, Shit does sometimes cause Kevin harm by making him run into objects like trees or walls, causing a lot of head trauma. This is definitely Shit's fault, and not Kevin's. Shit and Beyblade are good friends. In several episodes, Shit can be seen with Beyblade being together and eating the same grass. Shit hates Chad, When Chad arrived, he saw Shit and immediately started pushing him. He has adapted to Kevin's

Trivia Edit

  • Shit is the only horse with a name tag.
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