Scobay Du is Jim's Spayed Weimaraner dog. Jim adopted Scobay with the intention of solving the mysteries of Strangerville. He decided to name Scobay after Scooby Doo (who is a Great Dane). Jim treats Scobay terribly, just like all the other people in his life. Scobay got sick soon after she was adopted, and decided to run away. At one point, Jim fed Scobay an age down treat, turning her into a puppy. Scobay has fallen deeply in love with Jim's kitchen sink, making Jim consider getting Scobay neutered (even though Scobay is a female that has been spayed).

It was revealed that Scobay Du was taken away while Jim was working on fixing his mermaid trait to start his Spellcasting skill, due to neglect because she wasn't getting fed.

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