Scarlett pickens

Scarlett after the worst birthday ever.

Scarlett Pickens is one of Jim Picken's many alien children. She was mostly forgotten due to her disconnect from the Pickens household

She was first encountered in the episode That Weird Neighbour at the Bheeda family apartment. Kevin mocked her saying "they didn't pick you, they didn't pick you!", but she was allowed to come over.

Scarlett's next appearance was in the episode "The Odd Child" where she invited Beejey to her birthday party. Beejey brought along his dad, who won't let him go to birthday parties by himself because he's "really caring." According to Kevin, Scarlett got Jim's looks, while Tim got his intelligence, and Beejey got everything bad about Jim. During her birthday party, Jim introduced her to the Grim Reaper after setting a few party guests on fire. Needless to say, she had an awful birthday. Everyone was too busy crying over the death of some random dude.

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