Sandtrap Flat Front
Sandtrap Flat is Jim's house in Oasis Spring where he has began his murderous life, human experiments and started to dabble in slavery. Jim slightly redecorated the exterior of the house, adding a telescope and a shed which leads to a secret underground human experiment facility. The facility started small with only 3 small identical chambers big enough just to be liveable, and a viewing hall.

Main House rooms Edit

Sandtrap Flat started a modest house and was only slightly modified in the series. The house was composed of 1 small bathroom, 1 bedroom and a living room and kitchen with no wall separation. All the rooms had plain white walls on the inside and green painted wood on the outside

The Living Room Edit

The living room had a small 90's TV, a small sofa and 2 black bar chairs next to the kitchen counter.

Kitchen Edit

It had a white fridge, a white stove and a white sink. There were around 4 blue counters with a black top.

Bedroom Edit

The bedroom was mostly empty, with only one double bed where Jim and his son would sleep.

Outside Edit

The Backyard contained a telescope for jim's interplanetary communication and a rocket for space exploration.

The Shed Edit

The shed was very small with one chemical analyzer and a bookshelf which was a secret door to the secret human experiment chambers

Underground Facility Edit

The underground facility was the most changed out of all section of the lot, with many iteration depending on their experiment. They were the main source of income for most of the time by forcing the experiments to paint for him

Experiment 01 Edit

Jim first experiment less about science and more about slavery, forcing the inhabitants to paint high quality paintings and then sell them on the market as his own. Each containment pod contained a fridge, a stove, a shower, a counter , a toilet, a viewing window and an easel. The rooms were painted light orange but the walls were so dirty it seemed to be a darker colour The first containment pod had a bed, a reward for Jesminder Bheeda for doing the best work so far. The others were performing poorly because they couldn't get a lot of sleep.

Gallery Edit

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