Ryland Oakley was the replacement Santa that came when the first one, Clement Frost, was kidnapped by Jim, only to have Jim try to murder him.

Jim tried to kill him by serving him poisonous pufferfish and when that didn't work, he locked him in the basement to care for Jim's children with the other Santa.

Ryland had been impregnated by aliens and had given birth to twins. Jim decided to give them the Pickens surname, and he named them First Name and Second One Pickens. They are both boys.

Ryland was fed poisoned fruit.

Ryland went into the secret lab with Jim where he was possessed. Jim took him to a bar.

He had to clean plants out of the sink when they killed the motherplant.

Ryland was tragically zombified when he attempted to negotiate with the zombies, he attempted to run, but Jim locked the door and he was killed. Ryland was roaming undead in Jim's "lab" and then brought back to life just to fight to death with Clement Frost. Ryland lost which led him to get hacked into pieces and consumed by Clement Frost.

First Name and Second One Pickens Edit

First Name and Second One Pickens were two alien babies fathered by Ryland Oakley when Jim thought the house was getting empty.

Second one had passed away due to him dying in Jim's swimming pool.

First Name's death is off-screen and he was bitten by a zombie. He was then revived off-screen to be bitten again and then cured by Jim.

Eventually First Name Pickens died from starvation. He just turned adult before his death.

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