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Ron Weasley is a character in the Harry Potter universe, and has appeared in a number of Kevin's Harry Potter related videos. He is a member of Gryffindor house, like his best friends Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, and is often present through most of the series. In the video games, Ron mainly leads Harry to spell challenges and daily tasks. He also received an Oscar nod for a scene where he perpetually vomited slugs and Harry slid around on his vomit.

For reasons Kevin hasn't disclosed, he isn't a big fan of Ron and will usually mock him during gameplay as a result. However, memes like A BEAN! and his sleeping pattern have become a part of Call Me Kevin lore throughout the years.

Character overview Edit

Ron is a member of the Weasley family, a large Pure-blood family, and resides in The Burrow. He has five older brothers (Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, and George) and a younger sister, Ginny.

Ron fits many of the stereotypes expected of the sidekick; he is often used as comic relief, is loyal to the hero, and lacks much of the talent Harry possesses in terms of magical power.

He makes his first appearance in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and appears in every other installment of the Harry Potter series. He also appears in the Lego Harry Potter games.

Appearances in Kevin's videos Edit

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Edit

PC Edit

In mid-2017, Kevin briefly played the PC version of Philosopher's Stone, as he didn't realise the PC and PS1 versions were different. Outside of his attendance in classes, Ron's only appearance is after the player talks with Professor Dumbledore in the opening cutscene, where he leads Harry to a "secret lesson" (essentially a tutorial) with his brothers Fred and George. As of this writing (September 7, 2019), Kevin has not revisited the PC version of Philosopher's Stone. After completing Part 2 of the Deathly Hallows, Kevin mentioned he did want to play other Harry Potter games, potentially opening the door for the PC version to be played at some point.

PS1 Edit

Ron's first appearance in the PS1 version of Philosopher's Stone comes when he notifies Harry that Draco Malfoy has stolen Hedwig, Harry's pet owl. Kevin comments here that Ron's face looks like liquid. After Harry rescues Hedwig, Kevin begins mocking Ron, saying that "[he] did nothing as usual in these games". Ron next appears before and during Charms class, where Kevin isn't sure that Ron is conscious or concentrating, noting that "the lights are on, but no one's home".

Ron appears in the next episode near Hagrid's Hut, going to the Dungeons with Harry after finding a missing sloth brain. Ron then leaves Harry to get caught with the sloth brain, after telling Harry that he was going to look around the castle. This is Ron's only appearance in the second episode of the let's play, though it is possible he was present in Potions class, but just not in frame. He doesn't appear until the next episode to tell Harry that Hermione is stuck in the girl's toilets, where a troll is on a rampage. Ron actually does something here, charming the troll's club to hit it in the head, though Kevin lets the troll throw toilets and pipes at Ron.

Ron's next appearance comes when Hermione tells Harry about Fluffy potentially guarding the Philosopher's Stone. Ron seems extremely disinterested in the conversation, checking his shoes for dirt and not contributing at all. Kevin chalks this up to Ron not having the capability to pay attention. While navigating the chambers containing puzzles and traps to stop anyone accessing the Philosopher's Stone, Ron is either incapacitated, trapped, or has disappeared at any indication of danger, which is pretty fitting. His last appearance is right before the chess challenge, where it's implied he got injured playing the game. However, Kevin noted that Ron was only in the room for about 5 seconds and that "he clearly just tripped coming into the room".

PS2 Edit

In the PS2 version of Philosopher's Stone, Ron first appears after the Sorting Ceremony, introducing himself to Harry. Kevin remarks that meeting Ron was "where all the trouble began", and tells Ron that one of his brothers will die in a few years after he remarks that he has too many brothers. After Harry is left outside when everyone except him is let in the common room, Ron immediately glosses over the incident by telling Harry to visit Fred and George's shop, despite Harry not knowing who they are. He also reveals Percy is a bit of a dick and abuses his power as a prefect by not letting other Gryffindors into a public studying space. The following morning, Hermione tells Harry that Ron will show him the way to class, though Kevin declines and comments that "[he] and Ron just aren't gelling too well". When Ron doubts his own sense of direction, Kevin quips that Ugandan Knuckles would be a better friend since he knows the way. However, despite insulting him in every one of his appearances in the video, Kevin does side with Ron when he actually coughs when Draco Malfoy introduces himself, which he perceives as Ron laughing at his name for some really weird reason.

After Harry completes the Lumos spell challenge, Ron says he'll take Harry to the flying lesson, though he ends up idling in the hallway not knowing where to go. Kevin eventually has to take initiative and guide Ron, calling him useless in the process. During the flying lesson, Ron volunteers himself as Harry's second in a wizard's duel against Malfoy. He then takes Harry to Hagrid's hut for tea and help gathering Potions ingredients, though he shows some common sense for once by not accompanying Harry to Hagrid's garden, which is a pretty dangerous place. However, he continued to idle by the door when Kevin found his ingredients, leading Kevin to think that Ron had a better way of gathering ingredients that he wasn't cluing Harry in on, or he was in a mood because he got left behind. Either way, the day ends after Ron says he's going to bed. Everyone wakes up at night for the duel on the fourth floor, before which, Ron assures Harry that he won't die since it's not a proper duel. When the time comes to meet Malfoy for the duel, Harry, Ron and Hermione (who tagged along for some reason), are all dropped into the forbidden corridor on the third floor via a trapdoor. To end the episode, Ron is seen looking the other way, pretending to be completely oblivious about the situation he's found himself in.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Edit

PS1 Edit

While the game begins in The Burrow, Ron appears in the storybook intro, where Kevin notes that Ron is using some "serious Snapchat filters" and compares Ron's physical depiction in the storybook to "[seeing] them on Tinder, and then [getting] the real thing when you meet up", as he still looks like liquid in the actual game. In the opening cutscene, Kevin states that nobody really knows if Ron is a solid, a liquid, or a gas, though he opts to continue identifying Ron as a liquid. Kevin chastises Ron for saying that dueling Fred would be safe, telling Ron to look at what they did to his face.

After finishing the level at The Burrow, Ron and Harry make their way to Hogwarts in the Ford Anglia after missing the train. Upon crashing into, and versing, the Whomping Willow, Kevin pleads the tree to not hit him with Ron, noting that whatever is wrong with his face is probably contagious. Harry died, though Ron continued to scream at Harry to cast spells into the tree's mouth like a whiny little fecker. Kevin defeats the tree and carries on with the game. Ron is then seen in a practice duel with Harry, where he says that Harry could beat anyone, causing Kevin to sarcastically remark that Ron is the final boss and that Harry is now the best dueler in the world. After the duel, Ron casts the spell at Malfoy to vomit slugs, though it backfires and hits him instead. This is followed by the scene where Ron vomited all the way to Hagrid's, with Harry sliding in the vomit behind him. The scene got an Oscar nod in a short sketch created by Kevin.

After vomiting up slugs, Ron is seen in Defence Against the Dark Arts class doing feck all. His status as a liquid is confirmed when he somehow escapes a room where both exits are locked. He later attends Nearly Headless Nick's 500th death day party and is idling with a cardboard box in his hands for about 20 minutes, with Kevin likening Ron to a Sim with free will turned off. Ron is present in most parts of the game after this, but they are largely uneventful, until he, Harry and Hermione all take Polyjuice Potion in an attempt to find out who the Heir of Slytherin is. Before he and Harry, disguised as Crabbe and Goyle, follow a random Slytherin student to the common room, Ron randomly trips over. Kevin is not surprised by this in the slightest and calls Ron useless. He somehow manages to keep up with Harry and the student, which is a surprise to everyone. After finding out Malfoy isn't the Heir of Slytherin, Ron and Harry return to the girl's bathroom to inform Hermione. However, the Polyjuice Potion's effects have not run out and Harry is suddenly attacked by Moaning Myrtle. Instead of being a good friend and helping Harry, Ron chooses to stand in the archway like a fecker and do nothing to help Harry.

After Harry fends off Myrtle, Ron informs Harry that Hermione is in the hospital wing because the Polyjuice Potion turned her into a cat/human hybrid. Kevin observes that Ron was way too cheery when telling Harry that his friend is in hospital. After another Defence Against the Dark Arts class, Ron and Harry sneak out to Hagrid's to talk to him about the monster in the Chamber of Secrets. They split up to avoid getting caught, though Ron most likely had an easier route to get there and probably spent half his time falling over, according to Kevin. Ron's final appearance comes when the Chamber of Secrets is actually found, as he and Professor Lockhart join Harry. However, he gets trapped behind a wall of rocks after Lockhart's memory charm backfires and it causes some sort of avalanche. Kevin notes that any time he needs to go somewhere dangerous, Ron always falls over, gets trapped, or goes a different way.

PS2 Edit

Much like the PS1 edition, the game begins in The Burrow, though Ron's look has improved considerably. He doesn't do a whole lot in The Burrow level and is barely seen in Diagon Alley, apart from telling Harry that he and Ron missed the train about 10 seconds after everyone left Flourish and Blotts, meaning they probably missed the train too. Kevin throws a Stink Pellet at Ron before going to Hogwarts and in retaliation, Ron jumps from the car and causes it to crash into the Whomping Willow. After being saved by Harry, he whines at him for not opening a door fast enough to get to the Gryffindor Common Room, then doesn't leave the portrait open for Harry to walk through, making Harry give the Fat Lady the password again. When confronted about this, Ron quickly changes the subject to Fred and George's shop being opened beneath a study room next to the common room.

The next day, Ron takes Harry to flying class and goes to bed immediately afterwards, despite not even taking part in the class himself. This is a recurring theme in the PS2 edition of Chamber of Secrets and more often than not, it's the only time Ron will appear during the game. Ron usually takes Harry to a class or task, will proclaim how tired he is after doing absolutely nothing, and then go to bed no matter what the time is in game. Ron's really odd sleeping habits became a bit of a meme during this let's play. Kevin was very suspicious toward the end of the series, claiming that Ron surely wouldn't be going to bed in the middle of the day, before revealing his own bad sleeping habits. Ron's final appearances in Chamber of Secrets are in a cutscene before Harry goes to the Chamber of Secrets (Lockhart and Ron do not join him in the PS2 version, even though it's fairly important to the story) and on the final day of school at Hogwarts with a fully recovered Hermione and Ginny.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Edit

PC Edit

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban marks the first Harry Potter game where Ron is playable, however the player cannot switch to Ron on their own free will in the PC version. He, Harry and Hermione are all searching for Scabbers on the Hogwarts Express after he was chased away by Crookshanks. While searching other compartments of the train, Harry encounters Crabbe and Goyle who tell Harry to watch out for Malfoy. Ron and Hermione close the door behind Harry instead of backing him up, in true side character fashion. In a later part of the level, Hermione makes a snide remark about Ron training Scabbers, though Ron deflects the aggression like a pro after spotting a locked cabinet containing a gargoyle that can have Lumos cast on it. After fighting the Monster Book of Monsters, Hermione starts yet another fight, this time about the accuracy of Ron's spell casting. Ron once again deflects Hermione's angst after being distracted by a Wizard Card. Upon recapturing Scabbers, a Dementor intercepts the Hogwarts Express and causes Harry to faint. Hermione leaves to get help, leaving Ron to fend for himself. Due to a glitch in the game, Harry gets right up to his feet in the next section of gameplay, though he just idles and doesn't help in any way. This is something of a role reversal as in past games, Harry would do all the work, while Ron would idle. Kevin initially tries to fail on purpose, though the rate in which Harry and Ron lose health was ridiculously slow, so he decided to just finish the level.

Once at Hogwarts, Ron takes part in the Carpe Retractum spell challenge, though he is reluctant because, in his own words, "Hermione is loads better at spells". During the challenge, Ron becomes a speedrunner, which leads to him and Professor Lupin speaking over each other in the first section of the challenge. After landing on a platform in a later part of the challenge, Ron is interrupted by a cutscene and ends up sidestepping off the platform to his death, which Kevin finds hilarious. The game glitches out and Kevin is unable to progress in the spell challenge after an imp refused to throw a Wizard Cracker. This led to Ron gaining the ability to fly and clip through walls, which was showcased occasionally while Kevin sang "Goodbye My Lover" by James Blunt. Kevin stopped using it, however, because he felt it'd ruin the game for him if he did keep using it. At the end of the first episode, Harry jumps on a Spongify tile and shoulder barges Ron off a platform in a secret area to the floor below.

During the next episode, Ron immediately ruins the Draconifors spell for Hermione after he was disappointed that the dragon wasn't a massive one instead of a small transfigured one. Kevin commented, saying that "Ron's always there to rain on your parade, just when you think you're doing well". Following this, Scabbers goes missing, leading to Ron accusing Crookshanks of killing him due to him finding orange hair on the floor. Kevin comments that it was probably just Ron's hair, which is a fair point and probably a very accurate statement. After finding a book to help Hagrid on his trial with Buckbeak, the trio fight the Monster Book of Monsters again. Kevin accidentally starts another fight with the book and leaves after the pages clip through the steel bars, deciding if they can go right through the bars, so can he. After leaving the room, Hermione and Ron still try to cast spells at the pages, though all the spells fail to connect since they're in a different room. They then decide to head straight to Charms class, where Ron has a Vietnam flashback, shouting out "WE'RE OUTNUMBERED!" in the middle of class. Kevin used this clip in a few of his other Harry Potter videos. After Harry completes the Glacius spell challenge, Ron is dragged into the Whomping Willow by a dog that hates trains and Quidditch.

Ron is absent for a large portion of the last episode of the PC playthrough, though he returns to take part in the final exam for Carpe Retractum. After Ron finds out Hermione used the Time-Turner for studying, Kevin actually doesn't insult Ron for once and instead gives him a pass since he missed the last quarter of the game.

PS2 Edit

The PS2 version of Prisoner of Azkaban was a very different game to the PC version. For example, rather than characters switching at certain points in the game, the player can switch characters at their own discretion. In the first level, only Ron and Harry go to search for Scabbers, compared to the PC version where all three friends search for the rat. Ron's uselessness when not being controlled is pretty evident early on (besides the title of the first episode "The Prisoner of Azkaban but Ron drives me insane") when Harry single-handedly fights the Monster Book of Monsters, while Ron stands by and watches. Ron's only input is to jump on the book after the fight in an effort to free Scabbers. While dueling Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy, Ron still doesn't do a whole lot. After Harry passes out because of drugs (or a Dementor attack, but whatever), Ron has to drag him to safety with objects littered throughout the carriages.

In Gryffindor Tower, after arriving at Hogwarts, Ron then locks Harry in the boy's dormitory and forces him to stay until he is shown the Folio Bruti, a book about enemies in the game given to Harry by Professor Lupin. Harry and Ron practice Expelliarmus on one another, then decide to visit Fred and George's shop. However, the two are ambushed by Peeves and Ron is incapacitated by a firework shooting book. Immediately after the danger is destroyed, Ron is back on his feet, as if nothing happened. Once the pair actually make it to the shop, it's revealed that Ron is the only one in the group who can access secret passageways. Ron gives this ability the nickname "The Weasley Touch", which sounds extremely perverted. Ron annoys Kevin greatly during this adventure after he says he'll leave going into crawlspaces for Hermione (despite her being nowhere to be found) and asks about a ticking sound, which Kevin replies "It's my fucking patience for you, Ron. Shut up!". Even Harry starts to get a bit impatient with Ron when he points out a wall that can be used with the Weasley Touch. After Harry retrieves the Marauder's Map, he makes his way back to the Gryffindor Common Room, but is caught by Professor Snape who just coughs and splutters all over him for some reason. Ron finds another way out despite being locked in a room and left to die by Harry.

The next day, all three friends take part in the Glacius spell challenge, where Ron's uselessness is still on full display. In a room where there are three pressure plates that reveal a button that can be pushed, Ron doesn't help that much and is usually not standing on his plate. He then makes a noise that Kevin perceives as passive-aggressive because he actually has to do something. When Ron stands on his plate, Harry says "That's done something at least", which Kevin thinks was directed at Ron. After figuring out the puzzle, Ron has to fight the firework shooting book this time, but doesn't know what to do now he's in action, so he just runs away and cowers. After defeating the book, he gets way too cocky with The Weasley Touch and ends up falling through a wall.

The following episode, Kevin takes control of Ron, which comes as a massive shock to him. However, Kevin isn't really sure what to do or where to go, which he says is probably Ron's thought process. In this same episode, Kevin turns his mocking attention to Hermione instead of Ron, which was probably a huge relief for him. Once the trio finished the Glacius challenge again (Kevin had to redo it because he lost his progress in his save file), they attended Potions class where Ron intentionally knocked Harry out. He continued messing around in the class by dragging Harry all around the room, attacking the other students and Snape himself, and initially refusing to administer the Wiggenweld Potion to Harry. Eventually, Ron gave Harry the other potion to stop Snape from complaining. During the night, Ron learns the Lumos Duo spell while he and Harry save Neville from a ghoul in the Muggle Studies classroom. Kevin jokes that Ron would say something like "Thank god Ron was here to save the day!" after he manages to wrangle the ghoul by blinding it with Lumos.

After saving Neville from the ghoul, the attention goes off Ron during Care of Magical Creatures class and he gets a bit moody as a result. He then wakes Harry up in the hospital wing in the middle of the night for no reason and gets Harry to follow him, which Kevin finds a bit suspicious. His suspicions wane after Ron gets stuck in ectoplasm, but gets mad after Peeves hits Harry with a vase and Ron's only advice is to scream at Harry to get out of the way. Kevin's suspicions are somewhat confirmed when Ron calls Peeves an imbecile, with Kevin noting that Ron would probably never call someone that. Kevin continues to be wary because of Ron's behaviour changing, such as him not cluing Harry in whatsoever, as well as the way he's speaking to Harry. After Harry is pushed into a small pit, it's revealed that Malfoy was disguised as Ron using Polyjuice Potion, though the real Ron shows up and knocks Malfoy out, after Peeves tells Ron of his plan to leave Harry for dead. While navigating the pit, Harry hits Ron with a few spells as revenge for Malfoy's actions while he was disguised as Ron. Kevin likened this to dreaming that your partner is cheating on you, then being mad at them in real life. After escaping the pit, Ron reveals he stole a Graphorn Horn from Malfoy after knocking him out, leaving the group one less potion ingredient to gather.

The trio then visit Hagrid in an attempt to try and find out where to get the remaining ingredients for the Antidote to Uncommon Poisons. Instead, an audibly upset Hagrid tells the group that Buckbeak's execution is imminent, though Ron brushes it off like a dick. He then suggests that Fire Seeds might be found in something that's on fire, which prompts Kevin to tell Ron to walk into the common room fireplace and look there. Hermione leaves on Buckbeak, though he revolts for some reason and won't let her back on for a few seconds. While Hermione is attempting to get back onto Buckbeak, Ron and Harry both break the land speed record by absolutely sprinting their hearts out to follow her. Ron repeats the feat after Hermione is trapped in a courtyard and becomes something of a damsel in distress. Immediately after leaving Potions, Ron and Harry become old men from a retirement village and are confused as to why they're in the Dungeons, showing just how useless they are without Hermione.

Ron's performance in the Carpe Retractum challenge is pretty uninspiring, mainly because he goes back to his old annoying and useless ways. For example, Harry gets himself locked behind a gate, though Ron just idles and doesn't really seem to care at all. After the challenge, Ron proclaims how tired he is, though Kevin agrees with him instead of mocking him this time because the boss battle was pretty intense and stressful. During the night, Ron and Hermione come with Harry to his private lesson with Professor Lupin on the fourth floor. While opening a shortcut, Harry backs away really quickly, leading Kevin to quip that "Harry has experienced it (The Weasley Touch) before, he backed away very quick there". He also later says that the Weasley Touch is a special ability, though adds that that's not what his victims would say. After Harry completes the lesson with Lupin, he is called out of the room by Professor Snape. Not even a few minutes after Snape calls for Lupin, Ron openly insults Snape, which he probably heard since he called out for Lupin and everyone heard him. The group sneaked from the fourth floor to get to Hogsmeade to collect fairy wings for the next Potions class, then snuck back to the common room after a Dementor attack in Hogsmeade.

After the whole fiasco of sneaking in and out of the castle, Ron is hiding under the bed from Kevin's abuse and attacks, then comes back into frame to accuse Crookshanks of killing Scabbers when both of them go missing. After this, the group go to gather the rest of the ingredients for the Girding Potion. Ron suggests they ask Hagrid to see if he knows where to get the ingredients. Kevin praises Ron for his suggestions and allows him to be out from under his bed all day. However, he tells Ron to go back under the bed when he asks for antidote after being bitten by a Doxy. Once all the ingredients are gathered and Potions class has been attended, Ron becomes a secret agent of sorts, hiding while eavesdropping on a conversation about Slytherin swapping out the regular Quidditch balls for jinxed Quidditch balls in the finals to ensure they win the Quidditch Cup.

While sneaking out at night to visit Hagrid during Buckbeak's execution, Ron throws a Stinkbomb at Harry so that Hagrid will only love Ron, though Kevin thinks that'd just make him even more attracted to Harry. After Buckbeak is supposedly executed, Ron finds Scabbers and chases after him, which then leads to him being dragged away by a black dog into the Whomping Willow. After Harry and Hermione take ages to progress in the dungeon leading to the Shrieking Shack, Kevin declares that Ron is dead and that the duo should just take their time, since all they have to do is pick up Ron's body and give him a proper burial. After trying to fend off Dementors by the lake, Kevin wonders where Ron has gone and thinks he's the guy screaming out "IT'S HIM!" when Harry and Sirius Black are affected by Dementors. Ron is absent from the last couple of missions in the game, but reappears on the final day at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Edit

At the start of 2018, Kevin very briefly played the Goblet of Fire for PC. This is the second game where Ron is a playable character, though the format of the Harry Potter games changed drastically compared to Prisoner of Azkaban. When Kevin isn't playing as Ron, he's usually making stupid off the cuff jokes and comments, being an idiot/freeloader, not helping fight or progress through the levels, or making comments about beans. Incidentally, this game is where the meme "A BEAN!" was born. Another iconic moment from the video was where Ron died at the hands of a Salamander, leading to Professor Moody yelling at Ron for "messing about". Kevin only made one video on the Goblet of Fire because the game was so bad that he couldn't stand to play any more.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Edit

A few weeks after Kevin played the god awful Goblet of Fire game, he moved on to Order of the Phoenix. Unlike Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire though, Ron is not playable in this game. He isn't seen in the first part of the game, though Kevin references him a couple of times, specifically after Hermione brings up Kreacher. Kevin says that Sirius turned Ron into the house maid and forced him to change his name. Sirius brings Harry up to see Ron and teaches both of them Wingardium Leviosa to help speed up the process of Ron packing his suitcase. Initially, he doesn't help at all, though he lifts the final item into the suitcase. Also, the game didn't load Ron's face in from a certain distance, reverting him back to his liquid state for a brief period of time. Once everyone arrives at Hogwarts, Ron ruins the rapport Harry was building with Cho Chang and abuses a fellow Gryffindor, calling him a "midget", after being given the password to the common room. He is present during the rest of the episode, though he doesn't do much apart from cop Kevin's abuse throughout it.

The following episode, the trio find Neville outside the Herbology Greenhouse burning some vines blocking the entryway. They decide to help Neville out, with Ron not doing a whole lot to help, though he does cast Incendio just as the vines burn out. Later, as a task to get some members for Dumbledore's Army, the trio try to sneak past some Slytherins in the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, which fails when Harry casts a spell on the chalkboard in the classroom. This draws Umbridge out of her office and she deducts 50 points from Gryffindor. They then return to the classroom under Harry's invisibility cloak to take some Doxy venom that was confiscated by Umbridge, and find out she runs some cult with the Slytherins after witnessing them casting a random spell in total sychronisation. After finding out Angelina Johnson is trapped in the trophy room, the group rescue her and repair the trophy room after it was trashed by Malfoy and a group of Slytherins. Ron, however, does feck all as usual and makes comments rather than casting spells to help out. While recruiting other members, Ron just lingers in the background and doesn't really do a whole lot.

When Harry recruits Cho Chang in the next episode, Ron somehow falls over his own feet when Hermione looks at him. He then idles when trying to cast Incendio on some vines when Harry has to climb on some platforms blocked by the vines when trying to retrieve Colin Creevey's camera, having the nerve to ask if Harry needs help. Later on, Professor McGonagall tasks Ron and Hermione with tracking down first years that skipped her detention. Ron once again abuses those below him, justifying his abuse by saying that they needed to show some respect to McGonagall. When the group are tasked with finding talking gargoyles for Dean Thomas, Ron gets a proper whack on the head after running into one of the hospital wing doors, possibly giving him a concussion. It's doubtful it caused brain damage, because can he really damage his brain cells if he doesn't have any?

With all the DA members gathered, Ron learns some new spells and also becomes a practice target for students learning spells. He calls the lesson where everyone casts Rictusempra at Zacharius Smith great, and somehow is able to speak when he is affected by Petrificus Totalus. When casting Levicorpus, Kevin feels sorry for all the other students who took part as targets, except for Ron because "he knew what he was getting into". Ron is shown to have a super keen eye for books after spotting a girl with a book that he, Harry and Hermione needed from about 15 feet away from the Great Hall entrance.

Ron begins the next episode by blocking the doorway while Harry tries to walk through, embarrassing Kevin in his intro. This was most likely a measure of revenge for all of Kevin's taunting and mocking throughout the series. After the DA meeting is interrupted by Umbridge and the Inquisitorial Squad, Ron's stupidity is on full display when he thinks that Harry said his name, despite Harry clearly telling Ron and the rest of the group to run. Kevin calls him out on this after he gets confused about the route to Hagrid's. The minute the group arrive at Hagrid's, they are heckled by the Inquisitorial Squad, who are actively attempting to burn down Hagrid's hut and kill him. Ron fires one spell at Malfoy as a warning round, sparking an all-in duel, which the Inquisitorial Squad lose. The DA members decide to prank Umbridge in an attempt to drive her out of Hogwarts, which Ron sort of takes part in, though it's mainly in duels and not in the set up of the actual pranks. During a duel, Harry actually calls out Ron's name, causing Kevin to somewhat understand Ron's confusion from earlier in the episode. Ginny is condescending towards Ron after he doesn't get credited for his help in the duel, and Kevin comes to his defence for once, as he actually did help during the duel. After numerous bad puns from Harry and Ginny while setting off portable swamps, Ron gets sick of hearing them, which Kevin relates to because only he can tell bad jokes. Ron then starts telling bad puns after they set off another one, which annoys Kevin a bit, since it was bad enough with Harry and Ginny telling them.

Ron is present during the final episode, though he doesn't really do much since a lot of it is just cutscenes. He fights the Inquisitorial Squad in a duel once again and wins, before flying to London on Thestrals with Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville to save Sirius Black. He and the rest of the group, bar Harry, are then kidnapped by Death Eaters and duel with them while Harry and Sirius duel Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy. Ron doesn't appear until the end when Kevin is doing his outro, where he listens intently, is shocked to learn that the final episode and end of the Order of the Phoenix game is the end of the series, and then interrupts to talk to Hermione.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Edit

The Half Blood Prince game begins in The Burrow, where Kevin comments that none of the characters, except for Ron, look like their counterparts in the movie. During their first day at Hogwarts, Harry and Ron discuss Professor Snape finally receiving the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, and Harry openly wishes for Snape's death with Professor McGonagall standing right beside him (which Harry didn't notice). Ron goes into slight shock that Harry would say something like that in the presence of a teacher. After Ron suggests that Harry summon Nearly Headless Nick to help them find their way to Potions class, he abuses Nick for not getting his head cut off properly, which made Ron look like an insensitive dick. When Harry and Ron make their way to the Great Hall for dueling club, the door is locked and Nick goes through the door to the other side to ask the students to open it for them. Kevin expects Ron to abuse Nick again, though it doesn't happen. Harry and Ron face off for a spot in the dueling club, and Harry absolutely destroys Ron by firing a bunch of spells at close range, which is probably against the rules of wizard dueling. This gives Harry a newfound confidence and he declares to Dumbledore that he's ready to face Voldemort. During the Gryffindor Quidditch trials, Kevin laughs at how amazing Ron's facial expressions are in the game, and Ron makes the team as keeper by falling off his broom and stopping the Quaffle.

During the second episode, Ron tells Harry and Hermione of his intentions to resign from the Gryffindor Quidditch team after the match that day, though his attitude changes after Harry allegedly spikes his drink. Ron then makes a squeaking sound when Harry runs into him, though Kevin believes it was Harry after he tries to recreate the sound in the game. On their way to the Quidditch pitch, Harry and Ron encounter a Slytherin, who casts Stupefy on Ron when he tells Harry that he's got this, knocking Ron on his ass. During the duel, however, it's revealed that Ron is just standing in the archway and looking in the opposite direction, pretending that nothing is happening. He gives a little apology to Harry, which Kevin accepts, though he notes that the developers didn't really try with the Half Blood Prince game since they made Ron stand there, instead of having him be knocked out. Ron appears throughout the remainder of the episode, but doesn't do anything really noteworthy, apart from wandering the halls of the seventh floor for some unexplained reason.

After being absent from the first few minutes of the third episode, He sort of reveals a crush on Hermione by cutting himself off when saying "let's go after Hermione" and changing it to "let's go to Potions". He then leads Harry to Potions, which results in yet another duel. Kevin jokes that Ron set him up and was probably conspiring with other students to get him killed, so Ron could become the main character. He then leads Harry to Lavender Brown, his girlfriend, and tells Harry to get rid of her. He also does a terrible job at hiding from her, as she's looking right at him at the top of the stairs when trying to grab her books, which are flying around for some reason. Ron is then seen in the boys' dormitory, under the influence of a love potion from Romilda Vane that was meant for Harry. Harry leads Ron to Professor Slughorn so he can get Ron cured of his affliction, during which the player perspective changes to Ron's. After realising he was able to play as Ron, Kevin described the Half Blood Prince game as "[going from] second-worst Harry Potter game to best in one second flat". He then goes the complete opposite direction of Harry and screams for Romilda Vane right in the middle of the Grand Staircase. After being cured of the affects of the love potion, Ron is poisoned and subsequently saved by Harry after he shoves a bezoar down his throat.

Ron is seldom present during the last episode of Half Blood Prince, as the story ramps up from 0 to 100 and all the loose ends regarding Harry are tied up. He's only really seen in cutscenes and during a Quidditch game.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) Edit

While Ron is present in The Burrow during his brother's wedding, the game actually begins by springing the player into action as Harry and Hagrid are being ambushed by Death Eaters and Voldemort himself while transporting Harry to The Burrow from 4 Privet Drive. This marks the sudden change in the Harry Potter games from action-adventure to third-person shooter. After Harry's arrival, Ron questions whether Voldemort knows that part of his soul is dead as a direct cause of the destruction of a Horcrux. Harry responds with angst, reverting back to his Order of the Phoenix days. The wedding guests are then under attack by Death Eaters, during which time Ron and Hermione revert back to their Chamber of Secrets days: doing nothing to help and probably being exhausted as a result of doing nothing. They escape to a cafe in London, where some remaining Death Eaters followed them to finish the job, though Harry, Ron and Hermione escape to Grimmauld Place after disposing of the Death Eaters.

After Harry does some meaningless missions that are reminiscent of Call of Duty, the game suddenly pushes the story along and the trio sneak into the Ministry of Magic, using Polyjuice Potion to disguise themselves. While Harry obtains the potions, Ron and Hermione are both standing in an abandoned building doing nothing. Once inside the Ministry, the Polyjuice Potion runs out since Kevin wasted a bit of time, meaning Harry has to sneak around while Ron and Hermione probably got off scot-free with everything. Ron assists Harry and Hermione in fighting off the Dementors in the courtrooms, then laughs at a Death Eater for being too slow in stopping the trio from escaping. He wasn't too slow though, as he managed to catch himself on Ron's ankle before being blasted square in the head by a spell from Hermione. Ron somehow injures himself while Apparating, but is completely fine five minutes later when Harry follows Dean Thomas and Griphook through some fields. After what seems like an eternity of following Dean and Griphook, the group don't even get to speak to them and deduce that they need Godric Gryffindor's sword to destroy the locket that they obtained from the Ministry. Ron and Harry suddenly collide in a huge shouting match that culminates in Ron throwing the locket on the ground and walking out, abandoning Harry and Hermione.

After being missing for over half of the last episode, Ron returns to rescue Harry from drowning in the frozen lake while retrieving Gryffindor's sword. While fending off the curses Voldemort placed on the locket, Ron does nothing but lay there, telling Harry to "accept that Ron is useless" and to destroy the locket himself. Ron ends up destroying the locket and apologises to Harry for running away. While leading Ron back to camp, Harry doesn't clear any of the enemies blocking their path, causing Ron great pain. This causes Kevin to think that Ron didn't make it back alive, but he was wrong. He returns to a cold reception from Hermione, who is still furious that he walked out. The trio then head to the Lovegood's residence, in hopes of finding out more about the Deathly Hallows since the symbol for it has been everywhere. After a short fight sequence where Ron casts spells at a wall and Hermione sits there pretending to cast spells, they escape the house after destroying it with some explosive horn, then momentarily fight off some Snatchers before being taken to the Malfoy Manor. Hermione is tortured there by Bellatrix Lestrange, leading to Ron and Harry rescuing her before Apparating away with Dobby, Luna Lovegood and Ollivander. The game finishes after Dobby's death, where Kevin compares Dobby to Mr Burns in the Simpsons episode where everyone thinks he's an alien.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) Edit

Part 2 of Deathly Hallows continues pretty much right where Part 1 left off, with everybody on the beach not long after escaping Malfoy Manor. Harry then spontaneously decides to rob Bellatrix Lestrange's vault at Gringott's bank, thinking a Horcrux lies within. After infiltrating the bank and jumping into the Gringott's mission, Kevin notices that Ron sounds and looks off, noting that "it looks like he's joined a cult or something" and yearns for the old Ron to return. Throughout the mission, Ron continuously tells Harry to get into cover and hide from guards, but Kevin doesn't listen and just runs right at them, At some point, Harry temporarily gets separated from Ron and Hermione after they walk over an unstable bridge that collapses nearly as soon as they walk on it. Kevin accused Ron and Hermione of deliberately walking on the bridge, which probably isn't wrong, given how useless they seem to be in this game. After grabbing the Horcrux from Bellatrix's vault, which turns out to be a chalice, they head to Hogsmeade in hopes of returning to Hogwarts to find any remaining Horcruxes that Voldemort had hidden there.

Death Eaters pretty much shoot to kill once the trio arrive at Hogsmeade, with multiple waves coming out of nowhere seemingly to shoot them on site, despite not really knowing who they are (the Death Eaters audibly yell out to check if it's Harry Potter before informing Voldemort). After about the third wave of Death Eaters, Ron shouts out that they'll never make it to Honeyduke's (the location of the most direct secret passageway to Hogwarts), despite all the enemies being dead. Kevin attributes this to Ron just being tired, and shows a flashback to Chamber of Secrets where Ron said he was exhausted. At some point, Ron runs into Hermione while following Harry, and a soundbite from Prisoner of Azkaban plays of Ron screaming "WE'RE OUTNUMBERED!" in the middle of Charms class. Upon arriving at Hogwarts, Harry splits with Ron and Hermione so he can confront Professor Snape (who turns out to be an impostor, according to Kevin, because his voice sounds nothing like Snape's) and search for the remaining Horcruxes, while Ron and Hermione retrieve a Basilisk fang from the Chamber of Secrets so they can destroy the chalice.

Tomodachi Life Edit

In Tomodachi Life made me have an existential crisis, Kevin added Ron Weasley to the apartment. Ron quickly replaced Default as the most neglected Mii in the complex.

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