Rick & Morty? More like Rick & Microphone is a phrase used by Kevin the first time in the video "Fortnite but I just renovate houses".

Origins Edit

First heard at around 1:15 in the video, Kevin makes it up thanks to the conversation with another player, called Cowfakker123, as he talks with him about the cartoon Rick & Morty.

Another player, Games_m8, that seemed to have been laughing a bit, encourages Kevin to say his joke to the audience of another game, Comedy Night. As a result, Kevin shows in the episode an extract of a Comdey Night Let's Play where he says the phrase to the audience. No one there seems to have fun with it, weirdly.

Spread Edit

The phrase, when first revealed, has some popularity, but it went away. It lasted more than What is the echo? but less than Bore: Ragnarok. About this last one, it is possible to remark a similarity, with the "more like" part.

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