An image of Real Life Peter Griffin, however not from the video of his appearance as himself.

Real Life Peter Griffin is a person shown on the CallMeKevin channel once in a single video and hasn't made any reappearance since.


Suprisingly, Real Life Peter Griffin has a remarkably similar look to the character, "Peter Griffin" from the show "Family Guy" who is the main protagonist of the show. He has a similar voice as well even with the classic Peter Griffin laugh that the character does in the show.

First appearanceEdit

Since Real Life Peter Griffin has only appeared as a way to give Kevin and Turg good luck in their game of "Deal or no Deal", the chances of him coming back are slim, though we can wish that one day they can meet up as Kevin doing the voice of Joe Swanson.

As for his first appearance, he gives good luck to both Kevin and Turg as well as mentioning how he can do the Joe Swanson voice, closing off with the Peter Griffin laugh.

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