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Besides his regular Let's Play videos, Kevin sometimes reacts to stuff on his channel.

Reddit reactions[]

Kevin reacted four times to subreddits. The first time, he defended other Kevins shown in the r/StoriesAboutKevin subreddit. Then, he reacted to his own official subreddit, r/CallMeKevin. Finally, he reacted to the r/Cringetopia subreddit, especially to Indian Joker memes. He also reacted to memes related to his subreddit.A little more than a year later, he reacted again to his "own cursed" subreddit.


As previously told, Kevin reacted to memes related to his subreddit, but he also once reacted to Sims memes. He later reacted to Minecraft memes, and then to Irish TikTok videos.

Films and series[]

Kevin once reacted to a whole film: Twisted Pair, with and by Neil Breen. Then, he reacted to Tommy Wiseau's YouTube channel.

Old videos[]

In late 2016, Kevin published a video where he reacted to Past Kevin. In late 2017, Kevin reacted to some of his 2010 videos from the "How To Annoy" series. In mid-2021, he reacted to the 2016 video of him reacting to his past self, but played the game after the reaction.

TV Shows[]

Kevin reacted to many TV shows, generally only one episode:


Kevin once reacted to an e-mail sent by "the worst sponsor": AppNana. This video led to the emergence of the "I love your videos and watch it all the time" joke.


Kevin reacted to Farming Simulator e-sport videos.