A protagonist is a main character of a story. Kevin has created various protagonists throughout his channel.

Description[edit | edit source]

A protagonist is the main figure of a piece of literature or drama and has the main role. Alternatively, the phrase denotes a primary advocate/proponent for a cause or movement. The main character can be heroic or villainous; it is just the character with the lead role. In literature, the protagonist is characterized by their ability to change or evolve.

Being a protagonist is not a determinant of one's morals. Some protagonists can be evil, such as Jim Pickens.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Kevin's characters have various traits, usually displaying erratic and chaotic behavior (since Kevin is the one controlling them). They can be equally friendly as well as cruel, both benevolent and psychotic.

In terms of physical appearance, protagonists created by Kevin tend to wear abnormal clothing and/or have unique facial structures.

List of protagonists in the Kevin Cinematic Universe[edit | edit source]

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