The Pickens Cinematic Universe is the multiverse in which most of Kevin's videos take place.

Summary Edit

The Pickens Cinematic Universe (or PCU) is a multiverse revolving around Jim Pickens,but other characters can have big roles as well. In that universe,Kevin has the role of a God,meaning he controls everyone and everything.

Characters Edit

  • Kevin
  • Jim Pickens
  • Grognak The Destroyer Attorney At Law
  • Turg
  • Jog mansen
  • Dick Pickens
  • Janice Pickens
  • Mom Pickens
  • imaginary dad Pickens
  • Kevin O'Reilly (sims 4 character)
  • Sir Grognak
  • Jim Pickett
  • Grim Reaper
  • Shrek The Orge
  • The two santas
  • Bigchungus
  • Miicasso
  • Tim Pickens (Jim's son)
  • Tim Pickens (Sims Bustin' Out)
  • Delivery Guy (totally reliable delivery service)
  • Johnny Cash
  • Turg's children
  • The rest of Jim's children
  • Urp John
  • Urp's girlfriends
  • Urp's children
  • The Grognak species
  • All the GTA 5 RP characters
  • All of Jim's victims
  • Jules Cooper
  • Jim's pets
  • Beejey Pickens
  • The mole people
  • Grim (Jim's husband)
  • Grimey Pickens
  • GORG
  • Default
  • Lil’ Kevin
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