Paul was Kevin's pet wolf in his original Minecraft Let's Play. He appeared from episodes 30-48 before being killed by a bear from the More Animals mod. He was later reincarnated as Jim's dog in the original Sims 3 Let's Play.

This page is focused on both the Sims 3 and Minecraft Paul. Sorry for the confusion.


Paul first appeared as a wild wolf wandering near Kevin's second house. He was given three bones before being tamed and brought to live with Kevin. Kevin preferred to leave him inside the house. He planned on building him a dog house, but never got around to it. Paul remained in the kitchen for most of the time, looking outside and watching Kevin building. Later in Episode 48, Kevin was being attacked by various mobs at night when Paul helped. Paul killed numerous spiders and zombies before day came and the two went into the wheat farm. However, a bear from the more animals mod appeared and killed Paul. Kevin made a grave for him that got erased and so he made it again before making a new world.

Minecraft second Let's PlayEdit

Paul appeared again in Kevin's second Minecraft Let's Play. Unfortunately, he was killed in Minecraft but tragedy strikes. Kevin went to a village with a bad omen, inciting raiders to attack him. Paul died while allowing Kevin to escape and kill the last big monster remaining. This time, Kevin seemed more affected by the death of the dog. He made it a grave in the defended village with the inscription "R.I.P./Paul/The hero of the village".

Sims 3 Original Let's PlayEdit

Paul was on resurrected in Episode 30. He became a small, brown dog rather than the standard white, husky-like dog he was in Minecraft. He played a slightly larger role in this game, being played with and barking at neighbors. Kevin had plans for Paul to become his personal attack dog, but he was mysteriously killed yet again.

Sims 3 Second Let's PlayEdit

Paul was once again brought back in the second Sims 3 Let's Play. However, he didn't play an important role. Paul was given up by Kevin, who believed that he was probably going to die with him one again. After being put up for adoption he remained an acquaintance of Jim's for a time before finally vanishing altogether.


  • Paul was more of a fan favorite rather than an actual main character in all of his appearances.
  • Kevin seemed more sad about Paul's death in his second Minecraft series.
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