Past kevin

Past Kevin is a running joke on Kevin's channel, usually appearing when Kevin does a series or more than one video on a certain game. It's possible the meme is a play on people being thankful for their past selves doing something nice, as Kevin insults his past self whenever the meme is brought up.

The premise behind the meme is that Kevin has done something to sabotage his future self in a previous video, or he has said or done something dumb at an earlier point in the video. The humour in the joke is often self-deprecating, as Kevin will typically call his past self stupid and his future self an asshole.

In the GTA but it's just terrible mobile knockoffs, Kevin unusually thanks Past Kevin for giving him a good idea for once.

Quotes Edit

  • "Now, if you didn't already know, Past Kevin is an absolute fecker and left me in the Nether..." - Kevin in Minecraft but it's a very dangerous world, the Minecraft episode following his experience with Minecraft in VR.
  • "Past Kevin is so stupid!" - Kevin, constantly.
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