Besides gaming videos, Kevin occasionally makes other kinds of content on his channel.

Baking Bad[edit | edit source]

See Baking Bad for more information.

Baking Bad is a series where Kevin attempts to cook food. He eventually stopped making videos since they took longer to prepare, and didn't get as many views as his normal gaming videos.

Reaction videos[edit | edit source]

See Reaction videos for more information.

Kevin sometimes makes videos of him reacting to various forms of media. Reaction videos tend to be infrequent.

Songs[edit | edit source]

Kevin has covered some songs and uploaded them to his main channel. Here is a list:

He has also made videos from his past Twitch Sings streams.

Rewinds[edit | edit source]

The CallMeKevin Rewind is an annual series where Kevin shows his audience the best moments of his channel. These videos are usually uploaded on December 25. Here is a list:

Setup tours[edit | edit source]

Kevin showed his setup twice, once in a "Subscribers special" video, and then later in another dedicated video.

Life telling[edit | edit source]

Kevin told his subscribblers about his personal life in many videos, generally once a year:

The Big YouTube VS Small YouTube Channel video is a mix between reacting to the evolution of his channel and how to manage it, and how he feels about it.

One-time projects[edit | edit source]

Kevin's rendition of the Jim Pickens portrait.

Kevin also did other unregular videos that are not part of a series so far:

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