Congrats on the success of your channel. I love your videos and watch it all the time. Edit

– Nikki


Nikki Perez, better known as Nikki from Appnana, is a woman who spent 3 months e-mailing back and forth with Kevin. She was trying to negotiate on the promotion of their app (Appnana) in Kevin's videos. She appeared in "Dealing with the worst sponsor on YouTube" and never appeared since then, however, there have been references to her in some other Kevin's videos, like "Knights of the old Republic but I join the evil fecker side."

Nikki wants Kevin to make a video to promote her app, but for some reason doesn't like any of the concept videos he sent her. She has been surely impressed by Kevin's emails and large sub count, and therefore it is very likely that she has fallen in love with him. She is one of the only real-life people in Kevin's videos.

Kevin mentioned in his "ask me anything" video that somebody pretended to be Kevin and said to Nikki that he would sue them if they didn't pay him, then Nikki replied to Kevin saying that they're sorry about this and that they would get back to Kevin but they never did.

In the "Fable but it's 2020" video Kevin showed his text for Nikki that read I love you please take me back. dearest nikki i miss you so much please answer my texts i still love you.
Dreams but they are all NIGHTMARES 2-21 screenshot
In the video "Dreams but they are all nightmares" kevin once again referenced Nikki by changing Shrek's text dialogue with Nikki's phrase:

In the video "Episode but I am a teenage girl looking for love in a zombie apocalypse" appeared a diary entry written by Nikki.

Episode but I am a teenage girl looking for love in a zombie apocalypse 9-34 screenshot
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