Murderer is Kevin's Lakeview Valley character.

Overview Edit

Murderer looks like a "stereotypical cartoon villain". He is a caucasian male and has a big nose, big ears, long hair, a goofy little mustache, and a large head. His outfit suggests that he is an escape convict.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Nothing is known about Murderer's backstory, except that at some point in his life he went to prison (presumably due to murder), and escaped it later.

Events of Lakeview valley - Episode 1 Edit

Murderer is riding a bus while it suddenly crashes. After the crash, he grabs a hammer and leaves the scene, letting the injured bus driver live. He later meets the local sheriff, who greets him and gives him the keys to his new house. Murderer then visits a forest full of snakes, with his goal being to acquire a knife that had been hidden there. After being chased and injured by snakes, he finally manages to obtain the knife. After escaping the snakes, he goes to the hospital and gets "patched up". While sleeping, a homeless man invades his house and tells him various strange things. The next day, Murderer steals a bike and parks it in his house's garden. He then visits the forest again and encounters a narcissistic bisexual man named Matthew, who asks him to have sex with him. However, Murderer doesn't want to consent to intercourse with Matthew and hence murders him instead. He later visits the bank and gets a loan of 100$. While sleeping, he starts feeling hungry, and as such he eats a mysterious mushroom that was inside his house, which later reveals to possess hallucinogenic properties.

Events of Lakeview valley - Episode 2 Edit

Murderer starts his day by going to a restaurant and buying a burger. He then goes to the lake and successfully reaches a small island in its middle. He enters a shack located on it, murders its owner and steals his sword, while also gaining the sheriff's trust by doing so. Murderer later realizes that the backyard of his house is filled with mysterious talking trees, which give him the "Inventory Ability" and the "HUD Ability". He then receives an offer to kill villagers in exchange for the "Map Ability", "Unlimited Stamina Ability" and the "Extra Income". However, Murderer only manages to obtain the "Unlimited Stamina Ability" while ignoring the other abilities, although later on he also acquires the "Map Ability". He then meets a mysterious guy named Morgo, who runs a small circus business. Later that night, a mysterious wolf-lady invades his house though Murderer kills her with the stolen sword.

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