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Movie Voice is a player from Star Wars Garry's Mod Roleplay that played the narrator in the video "Star Wars RP but a narrator follows me at all times" and narrates what Call Me Kevin does. He has an own YouTube channel called Gingersauce.

Relationship Edit

In this video at the beginning, Kevin approaches Movie Voice and after an introduction of each other, Kevin asks that Movie Voice becomes his narrator. During their wacky adventures, it is clear that Movie Voice can have influence over Kevin; however, Kevin does disobey Movie Voice. This is evident because after repeatedly locking down the server, Kevin presses the button to lock down the server without Movie Voice telling him to do so.

Kevin, when under influence of Movie Voice and he is not around, Kevin either ignores other commands of others and does nothing or requests that Movie Voices says it. At the end of the video, both Kevin and Movie Voice got banned (1 day and a week respectively) after constantly putting server on lockdown.

When Movie Voice isn’t in the same server as Kevin, the effects of Movie Voice don’t work, implying Movie Voice’s effect is temporary.

Movie Voice and Seven Tails comparison Edit

Movie Voice has been compared to Seven Tails by some nicknaming him ‘Seven Tails of Star Wars RP.’ The same could be said for Seven Tails. Even though they both have been compared to each other, they have never met each other in video. Some fans have shipped Movie Voice with Kevin like with Seven Tails.

Quotes Edit

”Its your life, not mine”

”He went into someone place he is not supposed to be, he did a thing he is not supposed to, and now, he got me killed.”

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