"Move like a bee, sting like uh... Bee!" is one of the first running joke of the channel. Due to faulty audio files, in-game dialogue lines were repeated indefinitely throughout the entirety of the boxing match, aside from the occasional "That's the best you can do!?", resulting in a constant verbal barrage of said phrase whenever fighting was initiated in the boxing minigame during gameplay of Bully: Scholarship Edition.

The phrase itself is a reference to Muhammad Ali's famous quote on boxing, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."; the misquotation of which was supposed to highlight the boxers inexperience with the sport, but instead caused anguish to the unfortunate ears of an innocent Irishman and his viewership.

Unlike Bore Ragnarok or Is mole available to talk? fans might re-quote it in comments of a Call Me Kevin video or say it in Kevin's beautiful pale face. This one is a relic of the past and only a few times referenced. Obviously the first one in Bully: Scholarship Edition but everyone hates me and later on the series. But it didn't make another appearance for another (probably) 2 years until on Tommy Wiseau has a YouTube gaming show and it is wild.

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