This series tells the story of Jim Pickens' adventures in the Minecraft universe.

Season 1Edit

  •  it's 2018:

The episode shows Jim's introduction to the Minecraft universe. He also murdered Steve in the introduction.

  • the trendy game to play:

Jim builds his very first crib and gets a dog

  •  everything goes wrong:

Jim explores caves and builds a nether portal

  • the nether was a bad idea:

Jim travels to the nether, gets a horse and names it Beyblade

  • VR was a bad idea:

Jim explores a cave, then travels and stays to the nether

  • it's a dangerous world:

Jim gets another horse,he named it Shit, he also kills 2 illagers and gets a bad omen mark which means that there is a price on his head

  • tragedy strikes:

Jim travels to a village and a raid starts. His dog, Paul, gets killed by a giant creature

Season 2 Edit

  • underwater was a bad idea:

Jim explores some broken ships

  • constant anger:

Jim gets another horse, he named it "Chad "

Special episode Edit

  • skygrind:

Jim explores some floating islands

Season 3 Edit

  • even building is constant chaos:

Jim improves his house

  • crazy adventure:

Jim explores some more caves

  • finding the end portal gets dangerous:

Jim finds the end portal

  • revenge way too far:

Jim takes revenge from the illagers and burns down one of their towers

  • a prison for my villagers:

Jim imprisons and enslaves some villagers from the village where he buried Paul

  • force my villager prisoners to breed:

after imprisoning villagers, Jim forces them to breed, he also killed some endermen and steals an ender pearl

  • an idiot takes on the ender dragon:

Jim finally completes the prophecy and kills the ender dragon

  • extremely cruel:

Jim builds an iron golem and improves his house

  • best adventure yet:

Jim finds and conquers an end city

  • a very stressful adventure

jim explores an underwater temple

  • my own house get's raided:

jim gets a parrot and wins a raid war in his house,he also builds an underwater temple but doesn't fully finish it

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