Mimi LandgraabEdit

Mimi Landgraab is a major character in Kevin's video of "the sim's 4 bustin out." She is the daughter of Malcolm Landgraab I and the sister of Dudley Landgraab and helps Tim Pickens in his life. She is Tim's love interest. 


Mimi is a young looking sim with black outfit and and orange horn shaped hair. Her outfit consists of a black crop top and a black skirt.


She is first seen after returning the scooter her father stole from Tim Pickens and becomes a friend of his. She also invites him to live with her. When Tim arrives at her house, she flips him of and swears at him for unkown reasons. She then hangs out in the backround as several things happen, like tim missing his first day of work, and his mom coming over and playing (a "fun" game) with him. tim then sells some of her existing objects.She wasn't bothered by any of it however.

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