"I don't ever want you to hit me again!" - Manson Pickens after getting abused by Jimantha Pickens.

Manson Pickens is the African-Simlish biological son of Jimantha Pickens and the adoptive son of Man Pickens. He was likely the result of Jimantha's adulterous manners with an African-Simlish Male.

Personality Edit

Manson Pickens, much like many teenage boys, seeks interest in video games and prefers to play them as opposed to eating at the table alongside the rest of the family. Jimantha is shocked to hear Manson describing the actions in the violent video games he plays to his friends and decides to shout at him. Manson has previously had an illegal affair with his teacher, alongside engaging in a romance with a cheerleader at his school. Jimantha discovers that Manson's grades have dropped because of this. She then forces Manson to continue the relationship with his teacher and to break up with his girlfriend. Manson easily folds to her demands, likely as a result of Jimantha's abusive nature.

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