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''Kevin O'Reilly '' (better known by his username ''Call Me Kevin'', ''Kevin'' or ''zXNoRegretzzXz'' in the days of yore, or even literally God to some people) is an Irish YouTuber who is known for his comical gameplay commentaries and other lifestyle type videos of comedic nature. Kevin has described his channel as a variety gaming channel, though he will occasionally branch out and upload skits, music covers or videos of him discussing the goings-on in his life. The lion's share of Kevin's videos involve specific moments of comedy during gameplay. These usually include him breaking his game, causing havoc, annoying people, or reluctantly completing certain tasks to progress.

During his time on YouTube, he has uploaded many series, such as Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Hello Neighbor, The Sims 4, Comedy Night, Harry Potter, Bitlife, Among Us, and Grand Theft Auto RP. Kevin also plays all sorts of other games, though they are usually one-offs. Kevin created the characters Jim Pickens, Grognak The Destroyer, JOG MANSEN (sic), as well as several others that usually make one-time appearances. He is also the God of the Pickens Character Universe (PCU) and controls what happens in it. Praise Jim Pickens, our lord and saviour.

Personal life

Kevin was born on November 10th, 1993, and currently lives in Cork, Ireland. He also previously lived in Midleton, Ireland, and once lived in Scotland for a year.

In his Draw My Life video, Kevin described his childhood as him "doing what [he] does now, except [he] talked less", and joked that everyone probably found it nice because of the peace and quiet. He has a scar under his eye, which he says he got from falling over and hitting his head on a couch leg while spinning in circles with his sister. In a separate video on his old channel, he said it wasn't all bad because he missed out on going to church, since the accident occurred on a Sunday. He has also told various tales of how he got the scar, quipping that subscribers never got the same story and that the truth would be open to interpretation. In the video I googled myself, he says that on a serious note, he got the scar while trying to let someone inside a elevator at 14 years old.

During primary school, he suffered from stomach pains and was vomiting blood at one point, which caused him to miss a lot of school. While dealing with his stomach issues, he also experienced pain in his ear canal, noting that loud noises would upset him. These two problems combined meant that he missed almost a year of school. Kevin moved to high school eventually, and described himself as a "B to C student", adding that he didn't really apply much effort into his work. Following some exams during his third year, his stomach problems amplified and became much worse, causing him to miss more time from school.

During his absence from school, he played a lot of Xbox and discovered the gameplay side of YouTube around 2008, when gameplay channels weren't as common as they are these days. He bought a capture card and created his first YouTube video on the channel called "zXNoRegretzzXz", which has since been renamed "The Old CallMeKevin Channel". He recalled the video being a simple clip of a trickshot in a game like Call of Duty. He moved on to making skits, and eventually received an offer from Machinima to make videos for them, which he accepted. The promise of payment for his videos caused Kevin's parents to think he was being scammed, though he got his way after he apparently whined quite a bit. During his time making videos for Machinima, he created the "How to Annoy" series, which gave him a lot of money and recognition online, even in the present day.

After considerable time away from school, Kevin tried to go back, though his stomach issues persisted and he had to return home that same day. Doctors eventually discovered that Kevin had ulcers forming in his stomach due to stress and anxiety, which was the chief cause of the pain. After talking to his parents, he decided for the sake of his health to drop out of school in 2009 when he was 16, where he began focusing on content creation full-time. He moved to Scotland when he was 18 and lived there for a year, which he described as "an unhappy year" because he became a shut-in and didn't socialize much. He returned to Ireland, after which his work ethic fell apart and he quit YouTube for a period of time.

During his hiatus from YouTube, Kevin became the franchise owner of a retail store called CeX, a company that specializes in second-hand electronic goods, and owned it for about 3 years. In 2016, Kevin was hit by a vehicle after seeing Batman vs Superman at his local cinema. His awkward landing after being struck caused injuries to his shoulders and upper arms, which still affect him to this day. He returned to work after the accident, but found his injuries were preventing his ability to do his job. The increased staff costs at the shop to compensate for Kevin's inability to work, his medical bills, and the assailant not admitting fault for the accident led to the shop not being profitable for himself. He came to the decision to sell the store, since his injuries were causing problems at work and he had opted not to get surgery for his shoulder upon receiving conflicting advice about it.

Kevin returned to YouTube for fun in late 2016 with his new channel, "CallMeKevin", bringing over almost 8,000 subscribers from his old channel. He experienced slow growth on his channel for a while (for example, he'd get 30 subs one day and 6 subs the next), though his channel skyrocketed after an Ouya video he made went viral. He soon began doing YouTube full time, as he is now, and hit a million subscribers in 2017. This led to him getting recommended by YouTube and his growth on the platform becoming more steady. In March 2019, Kevin hit 2 million subscribers, a substantial number.

3/5 of the Irish Lads assembled - Kevin, RTGame, and Jacksepticeye (from left to right)

Twitch career

In 2019, Kevin created a Twitch channel, though he used it sparingly and mainly had it there for Twitch Sings videos to be uploaded to his YouTube channel. The following year, Kevin began streaming regularly and eventually came up with a schedule to stream four times a week, in addition to his daily uploads.

He also created two new YouTube channels that were dedicated to his Twitch content. "CallMeKevin Stream Archives" holds his full length streams for those that missed him live, while "Call Me Kevin Clips" showcase 10-15 minutes worth of highlights of his streams that are edited in a similar style to his regular YouTube videos.

Sims 4 character

In his "Sims 4 but I abuse my magic" video, Kevin introduced his subscribers to a new character from the O Reilly household (without the apostrophe). His first name does not appear in that video however appears on his gravestone in the video "Sims 4 but I force 24 sims to live in a tiny home", as "Kevin". He died almost immediately after being added to the Pickens household, the day before Death Day, when a mod caused him to be hit by a car. Kevin likened this to his real-life accident, except he actually survived in real life.


  • "Hey there friends! How's it going? My name is Kevin."
  • "Wait a second! Did you see that? Go back! Awwww yeahhh! FECKIN HARD! We gotta do that one."
  • "I fell into a burning Ring of Fire."
  • "I am Grognak The Destroyer, Attorney At Law."
  • "I have Amnosia."
  • "Thor Ragnarok? More like Bore Ragnarok, am I right?!"
  • "Stop resisting my advances!"
  • “Rick and Morty? More like Rick and Microphone.”
  • "[Literally anything]? More like Bore: Ragnarok!"
  • ”I could have sworn Johnny Cash was K-Pop.”
  • "Move like a bee, sting like a... uhh... bee."
  • "My name is JOG MANSEN, I'm in Hufflepuff and I'm here to have a good time."
  • “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.”
  • "Remember where we parked."
  • "I'm more of a feck-boi myself."
  • "Y-You have to- uh- be sad to be happy because what's life without darkness my friends. ...This looks disgusting."
  • "I can be this stereotypical because I'm Irish."
  • "I got hit by a car."
  • "You ever get beat up with an Asian man? Not by one, but with one."
  • "My hand is stuck in the tip jar."
  • "I didn't just beat you up, I beat people up with you."
  • "And then the man dolly went on the other man dolly."
  • "This Asian guy is my favorite weapon"
  • "He's part of the furniture now."
  • "Here comes the Asian man, NYEEEOW!"
  • "It was Kevin, in the penthouse, with the CANDLESTICK!"
  • "OH oh, that knife is stuck in you."
  • "I'm like King Kong, how romantic."
  • "I wanted to be a bishop when I was a kid, but then I realized how annoying it would be always moving diagonally."
  • "I'm a noble Irishman and I like potatoes."
  • "I like eating potatoes and kicking ass, and I'm all out of ass."
  • "My name is Kevin and you can call me Kevin."
  • "Ughh! His Spider-sense is useless, Spider-sense more like common sense, hehehe..that was pretty lame."
  • "I don't need your witty remarks right now, that's my job and I'm not very good at it."
  • "It scared the BEJESUS out of me."
  • "Jesus! It scared the Bi-Jesus out of me!"
  • "Stop tickling your dad, let's go."
  • "But wait! There's more!"
  • "The freak is dead, he shall not be mourned."
  • ”Hey buddy, 1100110.”
  • "Boy was that fun."
  • "Crucifixion is an option."
  • "I'm using a silencer, how can you see me?!"
  • "Throw the baby at them. What are they gonna do? Not catch it?"
  • "My son is spicy and has a laugh-cough."
  • "Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Crabman? Because it's working."
  • "Is that Liam Neeson?" * "She drowned, she turned to stone.. I should've thrown my sister in there."
  • "FECK."
  • "Why should you eat special K?" (pause) "It's because they're delicious 3-grain flakes combined whole wheat barley and rice to deliver a crunchy and nourishing breakfast enriched with a blend of 9 essential vitamins and miracles including; vitamin D, B vitamin, vitamin C, zinc and iron. Special K has many of the nutrients you need to help you feel strong."
  • "When you're on your own and there's a group that you're going into it's really intimidating."
  • "Now I'm just running from my problems, I'm not accomplishing anything."
  • "Sleep is my drug, my bed is my dealer, and my alarm clock is the police."
  • "I'M PRETTY SURE IT'S KPOP!" (singing Ring of Fire)
  • "The idea being that they'll come in, get food, immediately vomit it all off, and then they'll have to get more food."
  • "Here's a trash bin. You just put yourself in it if you feel like it, you're all trash to me I just need your money."
  • "I'm having flashbacks!"
  • "I'm sorry, I can't help being an evil fecker."
  • "He's an absolute unit!"
  • "Shit! I thought it was a zombie, I didn't realize it was Hitler!"
  • "No, no Hitler, sorry, I'm sorry!"
  • "I'm a traffic cone!"
  • "It allows me to fulfill the male fantasy: being socially accepted."
  • "REE!"
  • "My name is Kara and I got hit by a cara."
  • "I'm in the mood to SING!"
  • "Let's *slurps* up this tag."
  • "I wee woo'd right into that hedge."
  • "The world is lacking big smokiness."
  • "You just got meat in your skirt or something?"
  • "Gordon, please hire me."
  • "I'm gonna care for this thing (a garden gnome) way more than I care for my baby."
  • "I've been to university like a week and I've gotten myself and a girl pregnant."
  • "Kill the women and children first!"
  • "I just don't like kids very much."
  • *answers phone* "Hello? You're gonna have to speak up, I'm wearing a sombrero!"
  • "I'll take any position you want."
  • "Hey there friends! How's it going? My name is Kevin and today we're doing something a little bit different."
  • "Lock door for everyone but Jim."


  • Kevin's name in the Irish language is Caoimhín (pronounced qwee-vin). Kevin has said he does not know how to spell such in I googled myself
  • In "Minecraft but it's a very dangerous world", Kevin stated that he hates soup. While rambling when trying to escape the Nether, he said that he hates wet foods (calling soup "the wettest of foods") and that he likes to eat food with texture. His hatred for soup has become something of a running gag on his channel.
  • Kevin's favourite song is "I Will Follow You Into The Dark", by Death Cab For Cutie, as mentioned in Twitch Sings but I go from an epic gamer to a bad singer. He claims that he can't sing it very well, but Kevin is a fecking liar and has the voice of an angel.
  • Kevin is a Scorpio.
  • Kevin is currently in a relationship with fellow content creator and chess player Anna Rudolf. They were introduced to each other by mutual friend RTGame in April 2019.[1]
  • Kevin likes to make light of his accident in his videos, giving us multiple jokes and several highly detailed professional videos on how it happened. He usually does so in programs like Microsoft Paint and GTA V to give us an accurate portrayal of events.
  • In "Comedy Night but it’s a Christian server", Kevin jokes about being Catholic but later confirms that he doesn't, in fact, identify as one.
  • Seven Tails was someone Kevin met randomly on a Garry's Mod server. After enjoying the quality of the content, he invited him back for more episodes.
  • Kevin can play the ukulele and once sang the popular K-Pop ballad "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash on a server in Sea of Thieves (he also sang this song on the game Comedy Night). He is an excellent singer.
  • "Kevin's favorite movie is 'The Emoji Movie' " - BoomLiam on the official Discord server.
  • Kevin loves to annoy people online, as he mentioned in his video called "Reacting to my YouTube videos from 2010".
  • While Kevin's older (2016 to mid-2017) videos were often named individually, he changed the format of his video titles to "[Game Name], but [Description of the video's content]". Since he played ''Minecraft: Story Mode'', he brought back the individual names, though it was mainly the M:SM series to highlight how terrible it is. In 2019, Kevin brought back the individual names, noting that he thought it was unique when he started doing it, but then a lot of other YouTubers started doing the same thing.
  • Kevin always likes to remind people that his name is Kevin and everybody should call him Kevin, because he thinks people often forget his name. This is likely linked to his Amnosia. Kevin even forgets his own name on occasion.
  • Kevin has been confirmed to be God himself during all of his videos. There are clues in each that when all are seen allows you to see Kevin in his true form. As of 2021, Kevin is recognised as God in 32 countries.
  • Kevin regularly suffers from multiple memory- or mind-related illnesses, namely Amnosia, delusions that he is a doctor of varying fields (pharmacy, psychology, etc.), and an amount of (mostly) temporary obsessions, including: unnecessary torture, murdering children, cannibalism, altering customizable characters' appearances to godlike degrees, spreading communism, destroying capitalism, driving buses, and PS1 Hagrid.
  • Kevin once claimed to be the true "King of Irish YouTube", a statement which he quickly retracted after Jacksepticeye (in NPC form) asserted himself as king and dethroned Kevin by beating him unconscious.[2]
  • In "Resident Evil 4 but I am a misunderstood outsider" Kevin has stated that he does not watch a lot of movies. In the same video, he said he wasn't a fan of Star Wars, though he has done some Star Wars-related videos on his channel.
  • He is an extremely picky eater. He claims that any food that looks or smells odd makes the food inedible to him.
  • He likes to do woodwork and has streamed himself doing it a few times.
  • During his one of Twitch Sings streams, Kevin mentioned that he isn't a fan of petting animals, with the exception of dogs.
  • In "Beat saber but I have zero coordination", Kevin mentioned that he is a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, bringing it up before he plays their song "Tell Me Baby". In a later video, he made a reference and a pun using lyrics from their song "Under the Bridge". In one of his first Sims 4 videos, he also had the intro to their song "Dark Necessities" playing during his intro. He also has a vinyl of their album, Californication, sitting on his gaming merch shelf.
  • Kevin has recently limited the use of the word feck for some reason. He probably wants to avoid YouTube registering it as profanity and thus, reserves the use for special occasions. He has also been using the word "sugar" more often instead of "shit". As of 2020, Kevin is back to saying feck regularly.
  • His parents are actually very supportive of him and his career choices, despite what Kevin says (i.e. when he dropped out of school for YouTube).
  • During his Ask Me Anything, Kevin said he doesn't like pineapple on pizza. His preferred pizza order is a margarita pizza with light sauce.
  • Kevin's favourite ''Star Wars'' character is TC-14 from Episode 1, despite only having seen him in ''Lego Star Wars''.
  • In September 2019, Kevin had a problem with butterflies interrupting his recordings. This is probably due to him being a Disney princess.
  • As of April 2019, Kevin is still Irish, but contemplating the conversion to Scottish, but also thinking of converting to the prominent religion of Australianism.
  • If Kevin was a girl, he'd go by the name Kevina.
  • Kevin's favorite animal is the red panda. [3][4]

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