Kendrick Pickens is the alien son of Tim Pickens, and the alien grandson of Jim Pickens. Kendrick was born when Tim was abducted by aliens and impregnated.

Overview Edit

Due to Jim's abusive nature, he kicked Tim out of the house, and Tim had to raise Kendrick by himself. Jim occasionally would come across Kendrick, but often times, would refuse to acknowledge him, confusing him for a son, when he is actually his grandson. When Jim opened his first restaurant, a few days later, he got a resume from Kendrick, and decided to hire him as a host for his restaurant.


Kendrick and his half-uncle, Project

Appearance Edit

Kendrick is a bald, purple alien whose face slightly resembles his father's. He never wears his disguise in Kevin's playthrough.

Personality Edit

Kendrick, for the most part, is subordinate to Jim, likely out of fear that may have developed from stories shared to him by Tim. Kendrick often is saddened from the deaths that had occurred in Jim's restaurant.

Trivia Edit

  • As of April 2019, Kendrick Pickens is the only grandson of Jim's
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