Jules Cooper was a short-lived character in Kevin's Sims 4 series. He was the most perfect man, excelling at almost every aspect of life.

Due to most of Jim's slaves becoming old, Beejey was tasked with finding young blood for the basement. Jules was selected for doing push-ups in front of his house.

Beejey managed to seduce Jules and went on two dates with him, where they were constantly interrupted. After their dates, Beejey proposed marriage to Jules and he accepted.

Shortly after arriving at the Pickens Residence, Jules was spared life in the basement due to his inability to paint. However, because of him being extremely handy, he was able to instantly repair any broken object in the house, which earned him Jim's appreciation.

He died of laughter later that same day. Jules was one of the very few people Jim has ever really cared about.

A few months after his death, Jules' ghost was hired at Jim's restaurant to play the piano.

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