The Movies but I can't make a good movie

The Movies but I can't make a good movie

The first The Movies video ft. Laura Winfield


Hannah Berry as Joy in Kill Joy 2

Joy is one of the main character of the Kill Joy films in The Movies series of videos.


In the first movie, when portrayed by Laura Winfield, Joy was an Asian lady with blonde hair, a red/pink shirt, jeans, and a pair of white shoes.

When she was played by Hannah Berry she was blonde and sporting a pretty big baby bump in a red/pink dress and gray shirt underneath.

In the third and final (?) Kill Joy movie she was still blonde (and was now sporting a beard and no eyebrows), but her baby was gone. She was wearing a black shirt with some colour jacket, black pants and black shoes. She'd likely already given birth or had a miscarriage.


It appears that the actress that played Joy in both the second and third Kill Joy movies, Hannah Berry, was pregnant during the filming of the second movie. She seemed to be in her third trimester, especially considering the fact that the baby bump was gone during the filming of the third movie. So, did she give birth? Or did something else happen? During the filming of the second movie Hannah Berry was seen drinking at the bar and getting liposuction, which is harmful for fetuses. Also, during the filming of the third movie she was seen to be very stressed and was eating so she wouldn’t turn to alcohol, which ultimately failed. In this essay I will....

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