Commander John Shepard is Kevin's character in Mass Effect 2 but I only have an evil effect who had a plastic surgery after dying. The surgery was conducted by Kevin himself, and with his expertise on human fisiology and fashion overall managed to make him look visually unappealing, a common trait in Kevin's characters.


Following the events of Mass Effect (which Kevin didn't play), Commander John Shepard and his crew were on an unspecified mission until they were attacked by unknown enemies. While most of the crew survived the attack, the ship was destroyed and Shepard died after sacrificing his life to save the pilot, Joker.

Two years later he was resurrected by human scientists in order to complete a secret mission only himself was capable of. Nonetheless, the facilities were attacked before the treatment was finished, which took a small toll on his face.

After escaping with the help of two humans called Jacob and Miranda, the Commander was tasked to recruit a team (which Kevin called his own A-Team). Shepard and his new crewmates passed as mercenaries in order to help and recruit a vigilante named Archangel, who ended up being a member of the Turian species called Garrus.


  • Despite Kevin saying that he wanted to play the game for a lot time and later that he'll probably upload more episodes, he only did one.
  • Mass Effect gives the player the possibility to either be a Hero or an Anti-Hero. Since Kevin never played the first game, he had to import a save. He obviously imported one where Shepard was the most evil possible.
  • The character called Garrus, the first character recruited in Kevin's video, also appeared on Mass Effect as a main character.
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