JOG MANSON is a character in the "Harry Potter Hogwarts Roleplaying" fish series and debuted in the video "Harry Potter RP but I make a powerful jim pickens." He was sorted into Hufflepuff.

He went around talking about how he only liked people named Jog, and forced them to change their names to things like Jog Hanson or Jog Joeston. When he attempted to make the player “jog hansen” change his name to Jog Samson, he refused, so FISH MANSON hired multiple people to kill him.

He reappeared in the video "Harry Potter but it's an app called Hogwarts mystery," although his name is in all caps and his surname is spelled as Manson. His name is pronounced "very loudly".

He is depicted as a green boy with pinkn eyes, orange eyeliner, and a fecken gigantic nose. He also has poofy white hair shaved on the sides. His voice originally resembled Kermit the Frog's. His sorting in Hufflepuff carries over.

He is shown to have a distaste for standing out as shown by him speaking of this fear multiple times and, when picking out a character to be his enemy, JOG points out a girl with hot pink hair because "she stands out".

It's revealed that he has a brother named Jacob MANSON who was expelled and ran away. JOG is obsessed with his brother and bringing down every conversation by bringing up his brother. JOG claims to be a troublemaker like his brother, but then later claims to not be like his brother.

He has a friend named Rowan who has a seam running down his face and was also sorted into Hufflepuff.

JOG is likely delusional, as he believes that Merula Snide is threatened by him because he's a more powerful wizard (She isn't.)

JOG later appeared in the video "Skyrim but it's destroyed by mods" as the player character (misspelling his last name once again), taking on the form of many different creatures, as well as nicknames paired with them. These include "Jog Spinson" (fidget spinner man) and "Jog Fastson" (Sanic skin).

JOG's Twitter page claims him to "sexually identify as a cloud[1]"

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