Overview Edit

Jimmy Pickets is a character from Garry's Mod City RP that Kevin Roleplays as, Jimmy first appeared in the video ‘City RP but I am a public nuisance’. He has been a hostage (more of a bait), a negotiator to get people out trouble (not a lawyer like Grognak though), a gang member and a therapist. Jimmy‘s favourite animal may be the squirrel. It is also unknown if Jimmy Pickets is related to Jim Pickens. Jimmy may also be bisexual.

Time as a negotiator Edit

In the video ‘City RP but I am a public nuisance,’ Jimmy tried to keep one of his ‘friends’ out of trouble and explaining why there car got stuck, Jimmy says that every time they got stuck or did something irregular in the car, he would say it was to protect a squirrel.

Time as the hostage Edit

In the video ‘CITY RP but I am a hostage,’ Jimmy joins a group of people and pretends to be a hostage as well as shooting the police. As a ‘hostage’, Jimmy ended up in a siege and sent people in the elevator to their death, both the police and the terrorists (He doesn’t pick sides in this conflict).

Love LifeEdit

When Jimmy had gotten shot once, a medic named Miss Simpleton came to his side to heal him up. In "CITY RP but I find love", Jimmy then fell in love with his hero going as far as purposely jumping in front of cars and asking people to run him over so he could be healed by her again. He also would chase her and get in her ambulance and pretend to be a medic, like her, to satisfy his love for her.

Quotes Edit

”You see, there was this squirrel.”

”I can’t turn down that opportunity.”

”I am on no-one’s team.”

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