Jimantha Pickens is the protagonist in Kevin's playthrough of Desperate Housewives. She later appears in the Tomodachi Life series, starting with Tomodachi life is completely cursed. She is also not at all the same person as Jim Pickens. The fact that they do not appear together is a complete coincidence. In fact, they would be a great couple.

Personality Edit

Jimantha is a very adulterous woman, often cheating on her husband, Man Pickens, with the husbands of other women, or people as common as Postmen. Her adultery led to the birth of Manson Pickens, who she claims is the legitimate son of "Man Pickens", so she named him "Manson" as in the fact that Manson is "Man's son", and not anyone else's son.

Outside of her adulterous nature, she often is a rude person, she gains a serious hatred for Lynette Scavo, Lynette tries to claim there is a friendship between them, although Jimantha constantly abuses her. She also acts very antagonistic towards Mrs Davenport, to such an extent when Davenport simply greets her, Jimantha claims Davenport is "especially crabby today.", which results in Davenport walking away.

She is also very abusive mother and wife, often hitting Manson Pickens for little to no reason. She also hits her husband in a few occasions.

Tomodachi Life Edit

Jimantha shows up on the island, having now grown out her beard (which doesn't look anything like Jim's). She is coincidentally absent from the donations event that Jim shows up for, and later reports the news and takes a bath, showing off her siren song that is absolutely nothing like Jim's from when he was a mermaid. It is later determined that she and Jim are very compatible, easily more than she was with her husband Man.

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