Jim and the Jimettes was a band created by Jim Pickens in the episode 'The Sims 4 but I make a dysfunctional band'. Kevin formed the group after clubs were added in the Get Together expansion for The Sims 4, though he quickly disbanded it after multiple disastrous performances.

Overview Edit

In the video 'The Sims 4 but I make a dysfunctional band', Kevin decided to form a band to play at places, such as Jim's restaurant, the Chez Llama. The band initially consisted of Jim, Grim, Grognak The Destroyer, and some other Sims that Jim had met randomly. Kevin also wanted one of the Santas in the band because of their amazing singing voices, but EA patched the game to prevent Santa being added to clubs. Originally, Jim was the lead singer, with Grim on Bunny Guitar, Grognak on organ, and Advaith on violin. However, many of the band members continued to switch instruments between performances. Advaith eventually got kicked out of the band in favour of Vladistraus (who kept coming to life despite Jim killing him numerous times), and Sergio Dávila was added as the new lead singer.

After some disastrous performances, such as one where many of the band members were facing the wrong way while playing their instruments, Kevin decided to have the band play exclusively at the Chez Llama. He built the band a small "studio" that they could play in without being distracted. This still proved to be a bad move, as some band members would stop playing mid-performance and stole instruments, leading to Kevin spending a lot of Jim's money on new instruments. In addition to equipment being stolen, patrons weren't watching the performances due to many Sims dying as a result of eating the pufferfish and any living Sims in the restaurant were distracted by the deaths of others. It's assumed that Kevin disbanded the band after this episode, as they haven't performed together since then.

Encouraged and banned hobbies Edit

As a part of the Get Together expansion, players can set certain activities to be encouraged or shunned. Members of Jim and the Jimettes were encouraged to:

  • Sing
  • Play instruments
  • Swipe objects (this may have been the cause of all the instruments going missing)

Members of Jim and the Jimettes were banned from:

  • Eating
  • Looking for frogs
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