Jim Pickett Edit

Jim Pickett the I is the original medieval thicc boy with a tonsure haircut living in the kingdom of Fecktopia. He is permanently stinky. Jim became Lord Jim the Great, the king of Fecktopia. Jim did not really care about the wellbeing of his people, and as such he built a maze around his throne to stop the peasants from bothering him. This in turn lead to him placing dolls around his throne to listen to him, as real people were, for some reason, unhappy with his decisions.

Jim Pickett's closest followers are: Edit

  • Bloodletter Feck, the royal physician

Jim's Adventures Edit

Feck and Jim go on a quest for a frog's tear. Jim turns the frog into human by kissing it. Grognak and the frog queen then proceed to get married.

Jim preforms poorly in the act of preventing a war.

Multiple times Jim has tried to execute Grognak's wife, to no avail.

Family Life Edit

Needing an heir to the throne, Jim Pickett has considered Grognak and Grognak's wife for the position of the royal child bearer. Jim picks Grognak to bear his offspring but she is unavailable, so he goes for her wife instead. However, Jim gets friendzoned at this attempt. Jim then resorts to the towns people, brawling with each of his suitors to pick the strongest and the most aggressive maiden to mate with. Eventually, Jim marries some woman, and they produce a baby named Mistake.


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